AIA+2030 Professional Series

The AIA+2030 Professional Series will not take place in it's usual format in 2014. Stay tuned for more information.

AIA+2030 In January 2011, AIA Denver launched the AIA+2030 Professional Series, which is designed to help professionals create buildings that meet the ambitious energy efficiency goals of the Architecture 2030 Challenge®. This series offers strategies to reach 60-100% reduction in fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions, giving design professionals the knowledge and leverage to create next-generation, super-efficient buildings—and provides individuals with the skills that will set them apart in the marketplace.

Sessions are led by experts from academia and active practice, and feature regional case studies to illustrate concepts and lessons learned. This series is intended for participants who have at least an intermediate understanding of the suite of energy efficiency strategies and technologies available to design professionals. Session information is cumulative and aims to provide an overall understanding of specific design strategies and how that can be integrated to provide optimal results. Participants will be provided with tools to take back to their firms to help share and implement the knowledge and skills gained.


- The 2030 Challenge: Setting + Achieving Energy Goals with Integrated Design™
- Getting to 50: the Power of Targets + Load Reductions™
- Accentuate the Positive: Climate Responsive Design™
- Passively Aggressive: Employing Passive Systems for Load Reduction™
- Skins: the Importance of the Thermal Envelope™
- Illuminating Savings: Daylighting and Integrated Lighting Strategies™
- Right-sized: Equipment and Controls for Super-Efficient Building Systems™
- Site Power: Renewable Energy Opportunities™
- The Hand-off + Staying in Shape: Operations, Maintenance + Education™
- Putting it All Together: Achieving 2030 Goals on the Project and at the Office™

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The AIA+2030 program was developed by AIA Seattle in partnership with Architecture 2030, Better Bricks, and the City of Seattle. The series is being adapted and presented locally by AIA Denver and the AIA Denver Committee on the Environment.