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AIA Colorado is pleased to provide the following downloadable, 11”x17” poster of the 2013 continuing education programs. Download a copy today and post it in your office or your firm’s break room. Programs are subject to change; for the most up-to-date information, please visit our website calendar.

CE Requirement Updates for Licensure Renewal

Aug. 22, 2013: The state licensing board has recently adopted few policies to deal with some of the confusion regarding architects complying with the CE requirements. ALL architects licensed in Colorado must renew their licenses with the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) by October 31, 2013.

For more information about the licensing or renewal process, visit or call 303.894.7800.

Every item regarding your renewal can be found within section 40.14 of the AES Board Policies. Below are some specifics for your quick review:

Adopted 6/14/13

40.14.1 – CE Requirements if Licensed by Endorsement. An architect licensed in Colorado by endorsement between January 1, 2013 and June 30, 2013, and:

(a) Initially licensed in their endorsing state in 2013 shall not be subject to the requirement in Rule for 12 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) in calendar year 2012. Such licensees shall be responsible for completion of 12 CEH in calendar year 2013;

TRANSLATION: If you were FIRST licensed in another state in 2013, and then got your Colorado license by endorsement between January and June of this year, you are only responsible for 12 CEH (HSW) in 2013. (Don’t forget to keep a copy of your completed DORA form on file for each class attended.)


(b) Licensed in their endorsing state prior to 2013 shall be responsible for completion of 12 CEH in the calendar year 2013, provided that the licensee completed the endorsing state’s continuing education requirements for calendar year 2012.

TRANSLATION: If you were licensed in another state BEFORE 2013 and then got your license in Colorado by endorsement between January and June of this year, you should have received the appropriate CE requirements from your original state in 2012 and then are responsible for 12 CEH (HSW) in 2013. (Don't forget to keep a copy of your completed DORA form on file for each class attended.) - An Architect licensed after June 30, 2013, is not subject to the 2013 license renewal process or the 2013 Continuing Education requirements in Rule

TRANSLATION: If you became licensed in Colorado AFTER June 30, 2013, you are not required to get continuing education credits to renew your license for this renewal period.

Adopted 7/12/13

40.14.2 – CE Requirements for 2013 Renewal Cycle ONLY. Architects whose license expire on October 31, 2013 will be allowed to renew to an active status if they comply with the continuing education (CE) requirements of Board Rule by one of the following:

(a) Twelve (12) hours of compliant CE completed in calendar year 2012 and 12 hours to be completed in calendar year 2013;


(b) Twenty-four (24) hours of compliant CE to be completed in calendar years 2012 and 2013 combined.

• – This policy is strictly applicable to the 2013 calendar year license renewal cycle ONLY.

TRANSLATION: If you are simply renewing your Colorado license, and have been licensed SINCE BEFORE 2012, you need 24 hours of CE (HSW) in the 2012 and 2013 calendar years combined. (Don’t forget to keep a copy of your completed DORA form on file for each class attended.) In a typical cycle (and most likely in the next renewal cycle), you will need to get 12 per calendar year. They are allowing you to vary this slightly as long as you get 24 total THIS cycle only.

Sustainable Design Credit Requirement Terminated

Dec. 18, 2012:
At December’s Annual Meeting of the AIA Board of Directors, the Sustainable Design (SD) Continuing Education Credit Requirement was terminated. Recognizing that sustainable design practices have become a mainstream design intention in the architectural community, the Board of Directors voted to allow the sustainable design education requirement to sunset at the end of calendar year 2012.

AIA members will no longer need to complete the sustainable design requirement to fulfill their AIA continuing education. For 2013, AIA members are required to satisfy a minimum of 18 LUs per year. Of this total, 12 must meet the Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) criteria.

Sustainable design credits and the potential Board ruling have been discussed throughout 2011 and 2012 at many Education Committee and Continuing Education Team meetings. These conversations have highlighted that the original intent and hope for the Sustainable Design pilot program was for sustainable design to become mainstream in the architectural communities’ design practices and forefront in the general public’s mind. The Board decision was based on the realization that this goal has been fulfilled and feels that this credit designation is no longer needed to carry the banner of high performance buildings.

2012 Changes to the DORA Continuing Education Requirements in the State of Colorado

Effective January 1, 2012, the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) CE (continuing education) requirements for license renewal change to align with the new national NCARB model. The purpose is to ease the burden on those licensed in multiple jurisdictions and increase the standardization of continuing education requirements. For more information, download the DORA Bylaws and Policies document. Information on renewal of licenses can be found beginning on page 28 of the document. Major changes in Colorado include the following items.

  • Professional Development Units (PDU) are now referred to as Continuing Education Hours (CEH). Please refer to Board Rule in the Bylaws and Rules document.
  • The credit required is a minimum of 12 CEH per calendar year for a total of 24 CEH during the renewal year. Please refer to Board Rule in the Bylaws and Rules document.
  • No carryover credit will be allowed from prior renewal periods. Any CEH gained prior to 2012 cannot be used toward the renewal of the October 31, 2013 license and CE requirements. Please refer to Board Rule in the Bylaws and Rules document.
  • The Health Safety, and Welfare subjects within which you may take CEH are defined more specifically. Please refer to Board Rule in the Bylaws and Rules document.
  • Documentation must be retained for six years instead of five. Please refer to Board Rule in the Bylaws and Rules document.
  • An exemption for required CE has been added for those who are called to federally funded active military duty for more than 120 days within a renewal cycle. Please refer to Board Rule in the Bylaws and Rules document.

The current renewal period ends Oct. 31, 2013 and all licensed architects in the State of Colorado will need to earn 24.0 HSW CEH. Any credit earned prior to Jan. 1, 2012 will not be accepted for the current renewal period.

Subsequently, you may be audited; at which time you must provide proof that you have complied with the continuing education requirements outlined in the board rules and you will be required to submit completed documentation in the form of a Continuing Education Structured Form.

For more information about the state licensing law, visit To download the DORA Continuing Education Structured Form, visit

In order to assist its members in meeting this new state requirement, AIA Colorado will offer numerous continuing education programs across the state throughout the year. For more information about any of the continuing education programs, visit the website calendar for the most up-to-date information.

For more information, visit the Mandatory Continuing Education Q & A.

2012 Changes to Health, Safety, and Welfare Education Requirements

On December 9, 2011, the AIA National Board of Directors voted to modify the AIA’s calendar year continuing education requirement. Per year, AIA members will be required to complete 12 hours of health, safety, and welfare (HSW) education, an increase from the previous requirement of 8 HSW. The AIA Board will re-evaluate the sustainable design (SD) requirement in 2012. The new HSW requirement goes into effect in January 2012 and AIA members should fulfill their total 18 hours of continuing education during the calendar year. Of the 18 hours of continuing education, at least 12 must be HSW and at least 4 must be SD.

Increasing the HSW requirement per year sets a higher standard for AIA members and will enable them to fulfill state licensing requirements for most states. Additionally, increasing the required number of HSW credits will raise the level and quality of our continuing education and professional development of architects.

Click here for more information and list of topics on health, safety, and welfare (HSW).

Additionally, in calendar year 2012, aligning closer with state licensing boards’ practice, AIA members will no longer be able to self-report HSW courses for credit. Members will need to complete HSW credits by taking qualifying courses from registered AIA CES Providers and Providers will need to report HSW courses for members to receive HSW credits. Members can continue to self-report learning unit (LU) credit hours for non-provider courses and programs.

In the past, AIA members were able to attend courses outside of the AIA CES Provider network and submit a self-report online to be reviewed for HSW or SD credit. AIA CES is implementing this new HSW and SD credit policy to ensure quality education and establish an educational standard for the courses that AIA members attend.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenna Ronnebaum.