Owners: The Guthke Family

Type: Single Family Home

Square Footage: 2,700 sf

Location: Boulder County

Budget: $350,000

Architectural Services: renée del gaudio architecture

General Contractor: Morningstar Homes

Our Home is Our Sanctuary

My husband and I bought our 1950s ranch-style home in 2005. While we loved the house, it was dark, had tiny rooms, low ceilings, a small kitchen, and a wall that separated the kitchen from the living space.

After we had our second child, we realized we needed a bigger space. We loved our neighborhood, felt connected to our community and couldn’t imagine raising our children in another home. I had grown up in the same neighborhood and wanted to stay close to my parents. This is when we realized renovating our home would be best for our family.

We saved for several years, and when we determined we had enough money to renovate, we realized we didn’t know where to begin. We initially reached out to a friend in the building industry who suggested we speak with an architect.

When we first met our architect, Renée from renée del gaudio architecture, we really didn’t know what to expect. She met with us several times to discuss our goals, our vision and what elements we really wanted to include in our home. She was thoughtful, patient, kind and intentional – she really cared about us and wanted to design a space with our family in mind. We knew we wanted the space to be pretty, light, open and functional, and also create an open kitchen, a home studio and a fun area for our two young daughters to play in.

Renée helped us to completely reconfigure our home and created the perfect space for us. Our bedrooms are now in the back of our house where it’s quieter, and our entire family sleeps on one floor. Our kitchen opens up to the living area, our home is flooded with light, we have clear sight lines, and there is good flow and more space. She took a thoughtful approach to integrating energy efficient elements into the design, which was important to our family.

Our home is our sanctuary. I love the windows, light and the openness of our home. Even when I’m inside, I feel like I’m outside – she designed our home with a connection to the natural world outside to make our space uplifting.

Our AIA Colorado architect designed our home with our family in mind. We never would have been able to create our sanctuary, our home, without her guidance and patience.

Kim Guthke

Ranch Remodel - 1

Ranch Remodel - 2

Ranch Remodel - 3

Ranch Remodel - 4

Ranch Remodel - 5

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