Congratulations to the 2019 Architectural Education Foundation Professional Scholarship recipients:

Hobart D. Wagener Scholarship

2019 recipient:  Avik Guha, AIA

Project/Destination:  An architectural  journey through Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Kuwait, Morocco and Spain to experience many of the places that impacted Jørn Utzon, several of which he ended up greatly impacting in return, to understand the thinking behind this modern master of architecture and the breadth of his body of work.

James M. Hunter Scholarship

2019 recipient: Gregory Hise, AIAS, currently a Masters of Architecture student at CU-Denver

Project/Destination:  Rammed Earth Workshop and Southwestern Architecture Tour. Study of rammed earth, an ancient building method that is seeing a resurgence in design and construction communities.

Arthur & Florence Fisher Scholarship Award

2019 recipient: Sheva Willoughby, AIA

Project/Destination:  Travel to London, England to research biophilic design. Gain knowledge of practical ways biophilic design principles can inform building design, how to adapt the design process for such, and how to implement these principles at a range of scales. Furthermore, conduct interviews with design leaders to discuss the post-occupancy data they have gathered thus far.

Robert & Virginia Fuller Scholarship

2019 recipients: Meg Schubert Allen, AIA and Drew Allen, AIA

Project/Destination: How Public Architecture Can Shape Growing Cities: What Denver can learn from the smart growth of Nordic cities. Travel to Reykjavik, Iceland; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; and Copenhagen, Denmark.

AIA South Annual Conference Scholarship

2019 recipient: Diana Esquivel, Assoc. AIA

Project/Destination:  Scholarship to attend the 2019 AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference in Breckenridge, CO   .