Type of Business: Broadband Service Engineers and Software Solutions

Type of Project: Building Transformation

Size of Building: 4,650 sf

Size of Site: 11,978 sf

Location: Boulder County

Employees Onsite: 10

Budget: $525,000

Architectural Services: Richard H. Epstein, AIA, LEED AP in collaboration with Marcel de Lange

General Contractor: Center Management Group

Good Design is Good for Business

In 2014, we purchased a 1970s building knowing we would need to transform the space to accommodate our business needs. The bones of the building were strong, but the interior was dark. The first and second floors were disconnected – with no clear sight lines – and the building lacked usable outdoor space. Even with these challenges, we knew the building was essentially a blank canvas we could transform to whatever we needed it to be.

As a high tech company, we needed to create a work environment that best suited our unique work styles, while reflecting our company values of innovation, creativity and rigor. We contracted with architect Richard H. Epstein, AIA, LEED, AP and designer Marcel de Lange to guide the process. They started the project by interviewing every person on our team. This process enabled them to understand our brand and work environment – our commonalities, our styles and our personal experiences. This proved to be vital in designing a space to specifically meet the needs of our team.

They came up with a brilliant design that integrated our DNA. They transformed the space by creating an open, collaborative environment with individual workspaces for our engineers. They connected the downstairs to the upstairs by cutting a hole in the floor and adding a bridge with aluminum grating. They integrated unique materials like fiberglass, metal mesh, beetle kill pine and dynamic lighting elements to give the space a fashionable, yet comfortable vibe. They also created strong connections between the inside and outside.

Our architect took much-needed steps to understand our culture and unique needs to create a space that motivates our staff, and that encourages our clients to visit for meetings.

We know good design is good for business.

Jason Schnitzer
Founder and Principal, Applied Broadband

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