Dear members,

Happy new year!

I look forward to serving as the 2020 AIA Colorado Board President and to collaborating with all of you to enhance the quality of the built environment for all.

I joined the AIA Colorado board because I wanted to be involved in shaping our profession and I believe in continually pushing myself as a leader. I like to set ambitious goals for myself, and I hope you’ll join me in setting ambitious goals for our community, our profession and our association in 2020. Adam Harding_small for web

Tackling Big Issues

Architects are uniquely skilled at problem-solving. I hope that this year we’ll step up to help solve important issues facing our state and beyond—issues like equity, diversity and inclusiveness; sustainability; growth and more. We can do this by participating in our communities and offering our perspective as designers and through the Architecture Advocates Network, an AIA Colorado committee focused on helping you engage with your local policymakers.

One issue that I am personally passionate about is making sure that we bolster our profession and propel it into the future by engaging and mentoring emerging professionals. This year I look forward to working with a group of volunteers to identify the best ways that we can support young members and help them develop as leaders.

Our Community

I’m also eager to build a culture of belonging among our membership. We have a multitude of ways for members to engage this year: through one of 19 committees/working groups, by planning a Local Connect to network and learn with architects in your area, or by attending a continuing education opportunity.

We also want to make sure that we provide ways for all of our members to connect around their passions and with their local communities. As 2020 Past-President Zach Taylor, AIA wrote to you last December, the AIA Colorado Board will be taking a variety of steps in the first quarter of 2020 to explore the gaps in member engagement and take actionable steps to make sure that AIA Colorado members feel valued and engaged, regardless of where they may live/work.

Vision and Purpose

As I mentioned during the 2019 Annual Board Meeting in December, AIA Colorado will be engaging in strategic planning and visioning to develop a clear and aspirational purpose—one that guides impactful work and inspires members.

We are taking on a lot of exciting and meaningful challenges this year, and we need your help to do it. In 2019 we had 90+ AIA Colorado members volunteering on committees and knowledge communities. Another one of my goals—I want to beat that number. There’s an opportunity for you to volunteer and help shape all of the initiatives that I’ve mentioned in this letter, plus some of our favorite programs like the conference, awards and more.

We know that together our 2,400 members can make a big impact in communities across Colorado. 2020 is the year to be bold, and I am excited to get started working alongside my fellow board members and all of you.

Throughout the year, I encourage you to reach out to me and the other members of the board with questions or suggestions.


Adam Harding, AIA

2020 AIA Colorado President