Advocate in Your Community

Advocate_in your community

Use your skills as an architect to benefit your local community. 

The skills that make you a great architect can also make you a great leader and advocate in your community, even beyond the practice of architecture.

By developing relationships with your community, you also help to prove the value of architects and the importance of this specialized profession.

So how can you get involved and make a difference in your community?

First, take a look at these tips for finding a civic engagement opportunity that makes sense for you!

If you’re still unsure how to get involved in your community, here are some places to start:

  • Register to vote. While it may sound simple, less than 70% of Coloradans are registered to vote.
    • Not registered? Don’t worry, you can do it in just a few minutes online.
  • Attend local public meetings and be sure to speak up when there are opportunities to give feedback.
    • Most cities across the state have calendars on their websites and email newsletters for announcements.
  • Attend events hosted by local elected officials (city council members, state legislators, etc.).
    • Go a step further and ask your elected officials to meet for coffee on a regular basis.
    • Go even further, and consider running for office.
  • Join your neighborhood association if one exists.
  • Apply to join a city/county board or commission. Many cities have design review boards that could really benefit from an architect’s perspective.
  • Join a historic preservation group.
  • Join a business community network (Chamber of Commerce or similar).
  • Become a mentor for school students through a school district itself or a youth organization.
  • Attend your political party’s regular meetings and events.
  • Join a community/church/charity volunteer organization.


The Architects of Colorado Political Committee (ARCpac) empowers architects to play an active role in the election process. Through ARCpac, AIA Colorado members can collectively donate to candidates who fight for issues on behalf of architects.

Make an ARCpac Contribution