Denver, Colo., February 3, 2020—The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Colorado has announced its 2020 committee, knowledge community and working group members.

After a competitive application process, more-than-90 AIA Colorado members, including licensed architects, associates and professional affiliates, were selected to serve.

“AIA Colorado volunteers are leaders among our membership,” said Adam Harding, AIA, 2020 AIA Colorado President. “They are the ones advancing the organization’s big initiatives, planning our signature programs and researching trends so that we are poised to take on future challenges and opportunities.”


2020 AIA Colorado Volunteer Leaders:

2020 Conference Committee

  • Paul Anderson, AIA
  • Beth Arnold Cook, AIA
  • Jocelyn Childs, AIA
  • Whitney Churchill, AIA
  • Daniel Craig, AIA
  • Ryan Goold, AIA
  • Nathan Gulash, AIA
  • Kaylyn Kirby, AIA Associate
  • Julianne Scherer, AIA
  • Brad Tomecek, AIA
  • Adam Wagoner, AIA
  • Kitty Yuen, AIA

2020 Leadership Pipeline Committee

  • Stuart Coppedge, FAIA
  • Scott Rodwin, AIA
  • Zachory Taylor, AIA
  • Kyle Webb, AIA

Academy of Architecture for Health Steering Committee

  • Ken Carbonari, AIA
  • Michael Hagan, AIA
  • Tim Neely, AIA
  • Akshay Sangolli, AIA
  • Melody Vandivere
  • Cody Weaver, AIA

Architecture Advocates Network

  • Drew Allen, AIA
  • Erin Braunstein, AIA
  • Amy Dery, AIA
  • Amy Graves, AIA

Architect Licensing Advisor

  • Avik Guha, AIA
  • Jered Minter, AIA

Business of Architecture Committee

  • Nan Anderson, FAIA
  • Philip Cardi, PA
  • Amanda Christianson, AIA
  • Rodger Evans, AIA
  • Aaron Hodgin , AIA
  • Erik Okland, AIA
  • Catlain Adair, AIA

College of Fellows

  • Phil Gerou, FAIA, Chair
  • Kevin Eronimous, AIA
  • Greg Friesen, FAIA
  • Scott Lindenau, FAIA
  • Mary Morissette, FAIA
  • Scott Rodwin, AIA
  • Keat Tan, FAIA
  • Mike Wisneski, AIA
  • Larry Friedberg, FAIA

Design & Honor Awards Committee

  • Renee Azerbegi, PA
  • Marisol Foreman, AIA
  • Larry Friedberg, FAIA
  • Brandon Herbst, Associate AIA
  • Daniel Nelson, AIA
  • Brittany Wheeler, AIA
  • Brittany Wheeler, AIA

Disaster Response Coordinator

  • Jeos Oreamuno, AIA

Editorial Committee

  • Drew Allen, AIA
  • Lauren Dundon, AIA
  • Amy Dvorak, Associate AIA
  • Alan G. Gass, FAIA
  • Sarah Goldblatt, AIA
  • Rachael Johnson, AIA
  • Beth Mosenthal, AIA
  • Juan Perez-Argueta, Associate AIA
  • Susan Reinhardt, AIA
  • Jenny Trumble, AIA
  • Parker Williams, AIA

Equity, Diversity & Inclusiveness Committee

  • Ronald Abo, AIA
  • Ignacio Correa-Ortiz
  • Katie Coyle, AIA
  • Janna Ferguson, AIA
  • Sarah Goldblatt, AIA
  • Margarita Gonzalez, Associate AIA
  • Holly Hall, AIA
  • Marianne Holbert, AIA
  • Connor Janzen, Assoc. AIA
  • Deborah Lucking, AIA
  • Jenny Narrod, AIA
  • Ely Merheb, AIA
  • Elizabeth Metz, AIA
  • Elizabeth Morales, Assoc. AIA
  • Margaret Pauls, AIA
  • Kyleen Rockwell, AIA
  • Meg Schubert Allen, AIA
  • Lawrence Sykes, AIA
  • Marc Swackhamer
  • Ming-Yi Wong, AIA

Emerging Professionals Programming Committee

  • Nicholas Caravella, AIA
  • Rob Hollis, Assoc. AIA
  • Jenelle Tennigkeit, AIA
  • Katie Cressall, AIA
  • Ryan Goold, AIA
  • Kaylyn Kirby, AIA
  • Mike Sudolsky, AIA

Government Affairs Committee

  • D.A. Bertram, Esq., FAIA
  • TJ Carvis, AIA*
  • Kevin Eronimous, AIA
  • Bill Furman, AIA
  • Fritz Gale, AIA
  • Brandon Gossard, AIA*
  • Chris Green, FAIA
  • Chris Greenwald, AIA*
  • Brett Hartle, AIA
  • Paul Hutton, FAIA*
  • Tana Lane, AIA
  • Jordan Lockner, AI
  • Jered Minter, AIA
  • Josh Oqueli, AIA
  • Scott Prisco, AIA
  • Anthony Ries, AIA*
  • Joede Schoeberlein, AIA
  • Scott Shea, AIA, Esq.*
  • Chris Stumm, AIA*
  • Caleb Tobin, AIA*
  • Mike Wisneski, AIA

*Also a member of 2020 legislative subcommittee

Regional and Urban Design Steering Committee

  • Gregory Behlen, AIA
  • Rachel Cusimano, AIA
  • Natacha Denis, Assoc. AIA

Section Activities Working Group

  • Johnpaul ‘JP’ Arnold, PA
  • Jocelyn Childs, Assoc. AIA
  • Justin Rounsefell, PA

Sustainability Working Group

  • Enrico Bonilauri, Int’l Assoc. AIA
  • Brad Bull, AIA
  • James Erickson, Assoc. AIA
  • Deborah Lucking, AIA
  • Lauren Shadid, AIA
  • Bennie McMullen, AIA
  • Elizabeth Morales, Assoc. AIA
  • Kyleen Rockwell, AIA
  • Corey Stinson, Assoc. AIA


About AIA Colorado:

AIA Colorado is the voice of the architecture profession in Colorado. Through advocacy, leadership development, education and resources for architects, the organization is supporting architecture professionals in designing a better world where we all can live, work and play. Our statewide network of 2,400 members includes architects, those working towards licensure and allied industry professionals.

Marisa Pooley, APR
Public Relations Director; 303.228.3913