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AIA Colorado Annual Meeting

Friday, December 16, 2022, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM MST

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Voting will take place on the following items:

AIA Colorado Board of Directors 2023 Ballot

President-elect: (vote for one)

Julianne Scherer, AIA
Sheva Willoughby, AIA

Treasurer: Jim Childs, AIA

Denver Director: Andy Rockmore, AIA

South Director: Joey Bahnsen, AIA

National Associates Committee: Kari Lawson, Associate AIA

AIA Colorado Bylaws
Board Proposed Amendment
(vote yes to concur, no to reject)

6.11 Directors. In addition to the Officers, the Directors of this Chapter shall be:
1) the Past President (1)
2) the Local Section Directors (4)
3) the At-Large Directors (up to 2 4)
4) the Associate Director (1)

6.114 The At-Large Directors. The Board of Directors shall have discretion in appointing At-Large Directors who may include Associate members, Allied members, public representatives or any other such individuals the Board may deem appropriate. The At-Large Director positions shall be flexible in pursuit of advancing the mission of AIA Colorado. If a faculty member or administrator of a Colorado accredited professional architecture degree granting institution does not occupy any officer or director position on the Board, one shall be appointed as an At-Large Director. At-large appointments shall be for one year to coincide with the fiscal year of this Chapter and may be renewed at the discretion of the Board.

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