Dear Members,

This is an exciting time for practicing architecture in Colorado. It has been our pleasure to serve on the 2018 AIA Colorado Board of Directors, to interact with members, and to help guide the organization to ensure it is serving you.

Now more than ever, AIA Colorado is being called upon to provide bold, visionary leadership to propel us toward a future in which AIA Colorado architects are recognized as credible, trusted and sought-after resources within our state and beyond.

As a result, our goals for AIA Colorado are:

  • Values-based organization focused broadly on members’ needs
  • Strategic, competency-based board
  • Diverse and inclusive board member selection process
  • Nimble ways for members to engage and network

To do this, the AIA Colorado Board is recommending that members adopt restated bylaws supporting a competency-based board structure and selection process, inclusive of member perspectives throughout the state. The restated bylaws would transition the four local-section directors into six at-large directors, add a Professional Affiliate director, and sunset the requirement for local section boards and the four local sections.

After spending the past year examining our current board structure, we believe that this will further strengthen AIA Colorado with a unified purpose, fortify the profession and support our more-than 2,400 members with value-driven programs, advocacy at the state and local level, and enhanced networking opportunities.

Going forward, the board nominating committee will be especially mindful of diverse representation of our members’ practice specialty, firm size, gender, geography, generational differences, etc. in its recruitment efforts, as well as consideration of relevant experience and competencies. A board composition that is more reflective of both our members and the clients they serve ensures that a wide range of perspectives will be represented and considered when strategic decisions are made for the organization. Board terms and term-limits have also been adjusted to create continuity between current and new leaders, while allowing opportunity for new voices to emerge.

We’ve often heard from members that there is a desire to engage with each other at a grassroots, local level. So, we’ve worked hard over the past year to develop ways for members to participate in and shape member-engagement opportunities without having first been elected to a board. This shift will create more possibilities for leadership and local peer networks throughout the state. Click here to see AIA Colorado volunteer opportunities or click here to see how to organize a Local Peer Network.

So why does this matter to you?

  1. Changes to the AIA Colorado bylaws require a member vote. This vote will take place at the October 25 annual meeting 4-6 p.m. MST via web/teleconference. Participation login details will be announced on the website and via email in the coming month.
  2. By having an open call for all board members, paired with a strategic recruitment process, we hope to create a more transparent organization that provides more opportunities for leadership and gives you more choice in who represents you and why.

And what about this year’s call for nominations?

Due to timing, we are proceeding with AIA Colorado Board elections in accordance with existing bylaws. Should the new bylaws be adopted, the board may host a special election to add two at-large members before next year, and to adjust existing term-lengths to create the desired overlap.

We’re eager to see the new opportunities this board composition will create and the leaders that will continue to emerge within AIA.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or any of the current AIA Colorado Board members.

See the restated Bylaws for vote October 25. To participate in the vote, which will take place on October 25 from 4-6 p.m. MST via live webinar, preregister here. (You must register in advance to participate!)

Sample board composition matrix that will guide the Nominating Committee’s recruitment.

Have questions? Take a look at this Q&A.


Carl Hole, AIA
2018 AIA Colorado President

Carl-2_small for web

Zachary Taylor, AIA
2018 AIA Colorado President-Elect