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AIA Colorado Member Housing Questionnaire

Working to Make a Positive Impact

Housing is the biggest concern on the minds of Coloradans and the most debated issue in our legislature and city councils. Access to housing is no longer impacting only those of lower socio-economic standing, it affects everyone at every level of society.

Recent studies suggest it is the number one limitation to employee recruitment and retention in our state. When employers can’t locate or expand here, they won’t build here and that will have a direct consequence for firms who themselves are feeling the pressure to hire associates who must navigate a rapidly escalating housing market. 

AIA Colorado has made this our newest imperative and we want to know what you think. Please participate in this brief survey as we weigh how to make a positive impact.

The newest AIA Colorado imperative says

“Our community has the ability, opportunity and responsibility to advance… Attainable housing so our clients, our workforce, and all our neighbors can live here.” 

But how do we achieve that together? By starting with what our members know.

Replies are requested by no later than May 10th

Spring '23 Housing Questionnaire

Please share any organization(s) are you involved with, or know of, at a state or local level that are working to address the housing crisis. If you have a contact at each organization, please share their name and contact information.
Please share any examples of state or local policy that you have been part of, or work with, that addresses and helps solve the housing crisis.
Please share any best practices from the state or local level, that you are aware of, that are helping the housing crisis.
Please share any obstacles or pain points that you believe are getting in the way of solving the housing crisis.
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