The State Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors is updating the rules for these professions in 2020. The draft rules were released earlier this month ahead of their first stakeholder meeting. AIA Colorado submitting the following comments and suggestions:

  1. CEH Hour Definition: additional language in 1.3(I)(3)(a)(2)(d) stating: “An activity may qualify for a fraction of one CEH in 15 minute increments if it is an HSW subject presented by a recognized continuing education provider.”

The AIA can now approve courses shorter than an hour in length and this change would allow such (HSW) courses to meet the state’s continuing education requirements for licensure.

  1. Continuing Education Audits: additional language in 1.4 (I)(3)(a)(2)(q) stating “A transcript from a recognized continuing education provider is an acceptable form of documentation for an audit by the Board.”

This change would simplify the process by which architects submit proof of course completion if audited by the state. AIA transcripts are accepted in other states across the country during similar audit processes.

  1. Record Keeping (DORA Structured Report Forms): We regularly hear from members that completing DORA forms feels burdensome and unnecessary for completing continuing education courses. We’ve requested that the requirement to complete a this form be waived when a course is provided by a recognized continuing education provider that records attendance.

DORA is still accepting public comments on the draft rules through the June 12th, 2020 permanent rulemaking hearing. If you have any additional comments, please email them per the instructions in the draft rules. If you want to show your support for the above comments, please email Nikolaus Remus by May 8th. AIA Colorado will summarize our member support in a follow-up comment submission.