Meridian 105 Architecture

Meridian 105 Architecture is a Denver based design firm.  Founded in 2010 by Chad Mitchell, Meridian 105 continues to create transformative infill projects throughout Denver’s urban neighborhoods.  Meridian 105 embraces the complexity of urban development, advancing design solutions with novel programmatic ideas designed to bring people together in new and imaginative ways.  Creating connection is the mission of our work.  We seek to connect people to their community and to the natural world around them.  

We believe that architecture makes an immeasurable contribution, not only to the physical landscape but also to life experience.  The spaces we design are intended to resonate with both the active and passive user. 

We place significant emphasis on the use of minimally processed materials that most closely resemble their natural origins.  Through this approach, our work conveys a lasting sense of honesty and authenticity.  Materials are used beyond their basic function to clad the building.  They are used to create layers of privacy and shared space where the building meets the urban environment. From the wood-screened front porch of Meridian 105’s Pallet House, to the 3-story brick-clad porch of the Berkeley Hotel, these spaces are designed to create meaningful and functional connective space. These spaces integrate the building with the neighborhood, facilitate memorable user experiences, and make a positive contribution to the surrounding neighborhood.

Meridian 105’s portfolio includes mixed use, multi-family, hospitality, food and beverage, office, retail, adaptive reuse, and single family residential.  Our projects are diverse, however our team finds ways to apply these design themes by thinking critically and acting creatively as a matter of routine.  As a testament to our work, Meridian 105 was honored to receive the 2018 AIA Colorado Young Firm of the Year.    

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