The architecture profession is significantly influenced by elected officials and the actions they take. The Architects of Colorado Political Action Committee (ARCpac) and Architects of Colorado Small Donor Committee (ARCsdc) empower architects to play an active role in the election process and raise funds for that purpose. Both are used to collectively pool funds and donate to candidates who fight for issues of importance to Colorado architects.

Who can donate?
Any individual, firm, company or partnership with a vested interest in the architecture profession.

How much can I donate?
Contributions are limited to $550 per person or per firm for each election cycle. Because firms are not able to give money to candidates directly, ARCpac is a way for a firms to give to a cause.

Who decides how funds are distributed?
The executive committee of ARCpac. 

Where does my contribution go?
An individual cannot earmark a contribution to one specific candidate. Instead, ARCpac distributes all funds during election years to political candidates running for state office who support issues of importance to architects, regardless of party affiliation.

Are contributions tax deductible?