By Kaylyn Kirby, AIA, Chair of the AIA Colorado Emerging Professionals Working Group and Ryan Goold, AIA, member of the AIA Colorado Emerging Professionals Working Group

Kaylyn Kirby

Kaylyn Kirby

A few weeks ago (or was it a month… losing track of the days) the Emerging Professionals (EP) Working Group hosted a panel discussion on our current state as “work-from-homers” and how it’s affecting EPs. A lot has changed since we first started on this remote work journey, and it is lasting perhaps longer than anyone expected. We have all probably developed some tricks for being more efficient, communicating better and focusing on personal well-being.

So, as this situation continues to evolve, the EP Working Group wants to open up the conversation to the membership as a whole. We’d like to introduce the “Ask ARCH-ie” blog column!

Ryan Goold

Members can reach out with questions or issues currently facing them in an anonymous format (hilarious aliases encouraged!) The EP Working Group will attempt to answer these letters based on our experiences thus far, both candidly and with humor, where appropriate. This should be fun, right?! If we don’t know the answer, we’ll cross reference our resources here at AIA Colorado and our various committees, and work to get one.

Questions are welcome from any member, no need for EP status, and they can range from how to deal with the current work from home reality, ARE study tips and wellness activities, to off-the-wall questions like the best quarantine cookie recipes. We are here to support our members as a sounding board, so please do not hesitate and Ask ARCH-ie today! 

Click here to submit your question or letter.

Some examples of some fun aliases:

  • QuaranThom Mayne
  • Wrank Floyd Height (WFH)
  • Couch Potato

Examples of questions you might ask:

  • I’ve been lacking motivation without my team around. What helps you stay inspired and on task?
  • My connection seems slower than my parents’ 1990 Macintosh Classic. What are other firms doing to increase efficiency and speeds while working from home?
  • What shows/movies do you recommend for my quaranteam, the stay-at-home-streamers?