By Jenelle Tennigkeit, AIA, Chair of the AIA Colorado Emerging Professionals Working Group 

Dear ARCH-ie, 

How are firms transitioning back to the office after work from home? All at once or staged? Soon? Later? How do EPs feel about returning to the office vs continuing to work from home?


Funky Corona Medina


Dear Funky Corona Medina, 

The most important thing about transitioning back to the office is prioritizing everyone’s health and safety. No one can do their best work if they don’t feel safe. Taking direction from the government, we are looking to implement staged returns when it makes sense. If you are going to be sitting 6 feet away from everyone and wearing a mask and headphones, unable to meet in a conference room as a team, we think it may be better for everyone to continue working from home. The benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

Personally I feel a bit indifferent about returning to the office. To me, working from home feels a bit like studio. I enjoy lunchtime walks with my dog and being able to work when I am most productive (while I do work from 8-5, I rarely find that is my most productive time). That said, I miss the reliable internet and my coworkers and am excited to be able to sit together at lunch someday.

Thanks for reaching out!




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