“We interact with the built environment every day. That experience can be seamless and enjoyable, or it can be frustrating.”

Architects have a deep understanding of that idea and the impact that design has on our daily lives, but the general public may not. Mosenthal_speaking

That’s why Beth Mosenthal, AIA, will be using her experience as an architect to raise awareness of the power of design and its ability to transform lives as a speaker at TEDxMileHigh on November 11.

TEDxMileHigh is the local program of the national nonprofit, TED, which aims to share “ideas worth spreading” through videos and live talks. TEDxMileHigh “exists to spread big ideas and elevate inspired citizenship in Colorado” through curated talks by a diverse group of thought leaders, innovators and educators.

“What interested me in speaking at TEDxMileHigh is connecting non-architects with architecture,” said Beth. “If you’re not taught to notice or appreciate design, then you don’t recognize its importance.”

Through her talk, which she’ll deliver to an audience of 5,000 people, Beth hopes to provide insight into the way that architects make design decisions and how those choices shape our communities.

“The more educated we all are in terms of how those decisions impact the way we live, the better our city will be in the future—particularly in Denver, which is one of the fastest growing cities in America,” said Beth.

Beth believes that having knowledgeable Colorado citizens allows for better dialogue around growth and enables sound community input.

Though she has never spoken in front of such a large audience, Beth saw TEDxMileHigh as the perfect channel for bringing architecture to the forefront, and for investing in her own development as an architect.

Despite having spoken in public previously and presenting to clients daily, Beth liked the idea of working with a TEDxMileHigh speaking coach to hone her communication skills.

“The hardest part of developing my talk has been simplifying the message,” she said. “Often architects—and I am guilty of it myself—live in ‘archispeak.’ Paring down my message for this talk and avoiding jargon has been really good practice for talking to non-architects.” Mosenthal_family 2

When she is not practicing her TEDxMileHigh Talk, Beth is an architect at Anderson Mason Dale Architects, serves as the Outreach Director on AIA Colorado’s Denver Board and researches universal design strategies.

“I’m really excited by strategies for inclusive design, which goes above and beyond ADA requirements, and ensuring that buildings meet the needs of all users in a way that is beautiful and equitable,” Beth said.

Beth has worked around the world, practicing architecture in Shanghai, New York and Chicago, but loves working in Denver because of the design opportunities it currently offers.

“The biggest challenge is maintaining a city that feels future-forward but also authentic, while tackling infrastructure and placemaking,” she said.

A new mom, Beth enjoys spending time in Wash Park with her family and “dialing into the quiet, happy moments of the every day.”

If you’d like to see Beth’s talk at TEDxMileHigh, and learn more about her big idea, tickets are available here: https://www.tedxmilehigh.com/wonder/ And stay tuned for a video recording of her talk.