Passing the Architectural Registration Examination and becoming a licensed architect is no easy task. It signifies that an architect is skilled in and committed to protecting the healthy, safety and welfare of the public.

Congratulations to the AIA Colorado members who have passed their exams or have recently become licensed in Colorado.


  • Gage Duran, AIA
  • Erick Gilbert, AIA
  • Sarah Hoistad, AIA
  • Jill Klug, AIA
  • James Mackey, AIA
  • Dean Soderberg, AIA


  • Charles Seth Clark, AIA
  • Brian Dornbusch, AIA
  • Nathan Pepper, AIA
  • Brian Rogers, AIA
  • Stephen Scribner, AIA
  • Michael Simonds, AIA


  • Kristen Fowler, AIA


  • Aaron Cleveland, AIA
  • Avik Guha, AIA
  • Brandon Gossard, AIA
  • Leah Baker, AIA
  • Margo Leach, AIA
  • Pipsa Happo, AIA


  • Amber Danzl, AIA
  • Heather Hill, AIA
  • Akshay Sangolli, AIA
  • Sean Durgee, Assoc. AIA
  • Rachel Koleski, AIA
  • Garret Taylor, AIA
  • Francis Ricci, AIA
  • Dustin Buck, AIA
  • Kendall Goodman, AIA
  • Jordan Lockner, Assoc. AIA
  • Austin Christopher, Assoc. AIA
  • Christopher Huff, AIA


  • Laura Finuf, AIA
  • Matthew Hildreth, AIA
  • Lisa Kramer, AIA
  • Marquis Nichol, AIA
  • Gretchen Solidum, AIA
  • Caitlin Witte, AIA


  • Charles Deese, AIA
  • Justin Elliott, AIA
  • Janna Ferguson, AIA
  • Whitney Grant, AIA
  • Kaylyn Kirby, AIA
  • Stacy Lindholm, AIA
  • Joseph Pruett, AIA
  • Leandra Pszeniczny, AIA
  • Kelly Rayon, AIA
  • Brandon Smith, AIA
  • Christopher Winkler, AIA