The success of our mission depends on participation from members like you. We strive to provide members with a network of support through committee engagement. Consider what you can do to make AIA Colorado a better organization for your profession and community.

More information to come regarding emerging state and local knowledge communities —open to all interested members.

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)
Reviews all bills to identify any that may impact our membership or the profession and determine a recommended course of action. Learn more.

Legislative Subcommittee
Meets weekly during the Colorado legislative session (January – May) to address specific legislation that affects the practice and regulation of architecture, among other topics. Learn more.

Emerging Professionals Committee
The Emerging Professionals Committee is the intersection of representation for student, Assoc. AIA and young architect members. Its purpose is three-fold: to improve knowledge sharing, expand outreach, and advocate on behalf of Emerging Professionals at all levels through collaborative efforts and direct communication.
Staff Contact: Hannah Zippin
Member Chair: Avik Guha, AIA

Denver Housing Knowledge Community
Architects and other industry professionals who specialize in residential building and follow current issues in codes, government regulations, evolving technology, housing and marketing trends.
Staff Contact: Michael Winn
Member Chairs: Jesse Adkins, AIA and Jessica Chickering, PA

FoCo Infill Task Force
Help Fort Collins stakeholders envision the future of their community and understand the power of great design.
Staff Contact: Michael Winn
Member Chair: Ian Shuff, AIA

Committee on the Environment (COTE)
Works to advance, disseminate, and advocate — to the profession, the building industry, the academy and the public — design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment.
Staff Contact: Michael Winn
Member Chair: Carson Shields, AIA

2017 Practice + Design Conference Committee
Plans and develops the annual Practice + Design Conference.
Staff Contact: Chad Hill
Member Chair: Erik Sommerfeld, Assoc. AIA

Fellows Nominating Committee
Considering applying for Fellowship? Or, are you a Fellow and interested in encouraging or helping others apply?
Staff Contact: Hannah Zippin
Member Chair: Phil Gerou, FAIA

Public Outreach Committee
Public outreach-focused task force responsible for identifying key audiences and goals and implementing tactics for Colorado media efforts and Colorado Architecture Month in April.
Staff Contact: Jane Pahl

History Committee
Responsible for researching, compiling and documenting the history of AIA Colorado and individual members who have made a significant impact on the organization. This committee is currently recording a series of oral histories, view them on YouTube.
Staff Contact: Sarah Gott
Member Chair: Phil Gerou, FAIA

2017 Symposium + AIA10 Awards Gala Task Force
Formally the Young Architects Awards Gala Committee and now known as the Symposium + AIA10 Awards Gala (S+AG), this committee is responsible for planning the annual awards program recognizing bright, young designers in the architectural community, as well as planning the Denver Symposium.
Staff Contact: Chad Hill

Jumpstart Architect Committee
The Jumpstart Architect Committee connects with Denver’s inner city youth by organizing events and workshops that present architecture as a viable career path.
Staff Contact: Hannah Zippin
Member Chair: Cesar Olivas, AIA

Building Enclosure Council (BEC)
Adopted as an AIA Colorado Committee in 2005, the BEC increases awareness of building envelope design as a critical aspect of the successful construction and performance of buildings by fostering education of industry professionals.
Staff Contact: Chad Hill
Member Chair: Alastair Huber, AIA

AIA Colorado and Local Section Boards of Directors
Interested in taking a leadership role to help shape the future of Colorado’s architectural community? The AIA Colorado Board is responsible for governing and setting the strategic direction of the AIA Colorado Chapter. The Local Section Boards serve as conduits and ambassadors for local members, connecting them to what AIA has to offer as well as recommending to chapter and national leadership what resources our Colorado members need to succeed.
Staff Contacts: Amy Blagriff and Cathy Rosset
Board Members