ENGAGE 2023 Practice + Design Conference

The 2023 Architectural Event of the Year

At the Keystone Conference Center in Keystone, CO, over 500 AIA members, Allied Members, and industry professionals immersed themselves in cutting-edge ideas and innovations at the ENGAGE 2023 Practice + Design Conference. Keynote presenters, representing the pinnacle of the architectural profession, were truly fantastic, as were the concurrent speakers and Innovation Lab presentations.

The Expo Hall, with its open floor plan, served as a vibrant hub for energy and idea exchange. 52 booths, hosted by knowledgeable industry vendors and associations, offered valuable insights.

The annual AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference is an event you can’t afford to miss, and we’re excited that the 2023 edition promises to leave a lasting impact throughout the coming year!

Designing in Timber | Unfound Door

ENGAGE 2023 Practice + Design Conference Photos

Enjoy the photo album from 2023’s Conference held at Keystone Conference Center, Keystone, CO.

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Conference Website

If you attended the conference and want to follow up with an exhibitor, connect with a speaker, or circle back through the schedule, we’ll leave the conference website live as long as we can.

Tom Kundig | Unfound Door
Tom Kundig, FAIA | Unfound Door

Keynote Recap: A Conversation with Tom Kundig, FAIA

This keynote presentation was a conversation with Tom Kundig, FAIA and Sarah Broughton, FAIA. In the wide-ranging conversation, Tom shared his philosophies around craftsmanship, collaboration, and what it means for humans to be in a relationship with architecture.

Reshaping Architectural Practice: Insights and Innovations from Tom Kundig’s Keynote

Greg Ingalls, Partner, Project Manager, AIA, Rowland+Broughton Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design, Aspen and Denver, Colorado shares his thoughts from the conference and Tom Kundig’s conversation with Sarah Broughton, FAIA.

Carol Ross Barney | Unfound Door
Carol Ross Barney | Unfound Door

Keynote Recap: The Future of Cities with Carol Ross Barney, FAIA

2023’s AIA Architect of the Year presented a wide variety of project types and scales, inviting us into her vision for the future of cities.

Mithun: Design for Positive Change | Unfound Door
AIA_Design_Conference_2023-The_Unfound_Door-8439 |

Keynote Recap: Mithun: Design for Positive Change

Dave Goldberg, FAIA, President of the architecture firm Mithun, presented the projects and approach that led to the firm’s selection as the 2023 AIA Architecture Firm of the Year.

Designing in Timber | Unfound Door
Designing in Timber | Unfound Door

Keynote Recap: Designing in Timber: a Collaborative Approach to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Laura Britton, AIA, and Dean Maltz, AIA, of Shigeru Ban Architects, along with Greg Kingsley, Ph D. of KL&A Engineers & Builders explored Shigeru Ban’s collaborative approach to architecture, engineering, and construction through a series of case studies representing the architects’ 38-year trajectory of work in wood.

AI in Architecture | Unfound Door
AI in Architecture | Unfound Door

Pre-Conference Recap: Artificial Intelligence in Architecture Practice and Design

Damon Leverett, AIA, led a thought provoking half-day session exploring technology’s role in our future workplace.

Innovation Lab Recaps

Designing to Meet and Exceed the New Energy Codes | Unfound Door
Drawn Out | Unfound Door

Engaging Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) Workshop

Drawn Out: Ideation + Sketch Solutions for Mental Health Environments

Designing to Meet and Exceed the New Energy Codes

Colorado’s First Zero Energy Outpatient Medical Center

Architect-ing Podcast

Architect-ing Podcast | Unfound Door
Architect-ing Podcast | Unfound Door

Adam Wagoner, AIA, enjoyed conversing with all of the keynote presenters, as well as our pre-conference presenter and many of the innovation lab presenters. Subscribe to the podcast today and enjoy the conversations from the Expo Hall floor as they are released in the coming weeks.

AIA_Design_Conference_2023-The_Unfound_Door-07 |
AIA_Design_Conference_2023-The_Unfound_Door-06 |

The open floor plan of AIA Colorado’s Practice + Design Conference Expo Hall was a huge success, allowing architects and exhibitors fantastic opportunities to create genuine learning and connection.

AIA_Design_Conference_2023-The_Unfound_Door-8596 |
AIA_Design_Conference_2023-The_Unfound_Door-9722 |
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