March 1, 2017 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Wellington Webb Building
201 W Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80202
Send an Email by 2/17/2017
AIAS University of Colorado Denver

Partnered with: City and County of Denver

Design Brief: Students have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the city by participating in the AIAS | City of Denver Competition to create new fixed public restrooms. The goal is a conceptual, creative design with a component of feasibility. Feasibility means complying with technical requirements, potential likeability by the public, and recognition of the structure as a bathroom.

Elements of the top designs have a chance of being implemented in the final, built project.

Designs will be featured on the City of Denver website.

Criteria: The site is to be determined. It will be in downtown Denver; potentially adjacent to the 16th street mall. This context ought to be addressed in the design. There are no stylistic constraints; designs can (and should) be funky,
artistic, modern, and/or integrate historical references. The bathroom will take over an existing 22’ street parking spot. The structure will be 18’ x 8’ with a functional height atop a concrete slab. If the location does not succeed, the structure may be disassembled and moved. The building will be operational year round.


  • 2 single occupant, unisex restrooms; at least one ADA
  • 1 ADA compliant attendant room with storage
  • Urban design component: the bathroom will be adjacent to the sidewalk, presenting the opportunity to incorporate landscaping and bike racks while making sure that the design minimizes congregation and the threat of
    attack. People ought to be able to recognize it is a bathroom. The exterior materials will be a stainless steel structure
    with anti-graffiti corrugated metal (or similar material).
  • These technicalities are not part of the competition; contestants do not have to worry about them:
    • Hook up to a municipal sewage system
    • Capability of included electricity, water, and air conditioning
  • Criteria for winning design:
    • Compliance with program
    • Appeal to public – people will like it as a presence in the city
    • Functional & Feasible
    • Strength of Idea represented by presentation and graphics

How to Register:
Send an Email to aiasdenver@gmail.com by 2/17/2017
*Please refer all questions to this email address. Please do not contact the City of Denver.

Teams will be at least 2, at most 5.

All students from all disciplines are encouraged to register. Multi-disciplinary teams are especially encouraged.

Deliverables: 1 or 2 24”x36” Printed Posters pinned up Gallery Style

First Prize: $300