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Koch Covotsos Architects

Residential & Commercial Design

ADDRESS: 3457 Ringsby Ct, #223, Denver, Colorado
PHONE: (303) 780-7850
WEBSITE: http://

TYPES OF WORK: Commercial, Hospitality, Industrial/Infrastructure, Interiors, Residential – Multi-Family, Residential – Single Family, Restaurant


AREA: Denver Metro
FIRM SIZE: Small (1-10)
FIRM PRINCIPALS/CONTACT: Michael Koch - Cassandra Covotsos -


Koch Covotsos Architects Projects

The Constellation

The newest location for Denver's favorite, Little Man Ice Cream, features a replica of the Constellation airplane wing with a small and efficient ice cream shop underneath. The design of the Constellation Ice Cream shop was certainly an architectural challenge. From the simple concept of putting a glass kiosk under a replica wing, to positioning a 70 foot wing on a tight site, this project pushes the boundaries of what is possible creating a truly innovative from which we hope will have a lasting impression on the Stapleton Community. The project draws on the roadside architecture movement seen in places like Las Vegas, Cadillac Ranch or Coney Island. In this case, the Constellation brings a celebration of aeronautics history of the Stapleton Airport to the present. The goal is to turn heads and create an experience of getting ice cream like no other, while reminding us of the cultural history of this piece of land.

Estes Park Transit & Parking Facility

Estes Park Transit & Parking Facility

In 2015, we were asked to design a three level parking garage for the Estes Park Visitor Center. Designed as a gateway to Estes Park, the project sits on Federal and State lands next to the St Vrain river, which is know for recent 100 year floods. Key to the project was maintaining views to the historic Stanley Hotel. The project design approach is to expand on the existing mountain style architecture of the Visitor Center and the Town. The Estes Park Transit Facility and Parking Structure was awarded: American Public Works Association Project Award 2017: Small Community Structures- Town of Estes Park Transit Facility and Parking Structure International Parking Institute: Award of Merit 2018- Town of Estes Park Transit Facility and Parking Structure

Cherry Bean Coffee

Cherry Bean Coffee

From an old office space to a lively coffee shop, this little project in Denver's Sunnyside neighborhood as become a beacon drawing in customers from all over town. We packed a full service coffee and espresso bar into this corner shop. Returning the space to its historic feel, we uncovered and exposed the original brick and other materials that had been buried over time. The result is a warm, welcoming local spot for a cup of coffee.

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