What’s the ARE? The Architect Registration Examination® (ARE) is a series of seven (7) exams that assess candidates for their knowledge, skills, and ability to provide the various services required in the practice of architecture.

ARE 2017

AIA Colorado sent out a survey at the end of November to gauge interest in a modified version of AIA Colorado’s ARE ASAP program for 2017 that relies heavily on the Black Spectacles program and study materials; and, unfortunately, we did not garner enough interest in the Black Spectacles discounted chapter pricing (we needed at least ten commitments).

However, there is still the opportunity for us to launch this portion of the program later in the year. We will continue to gauge interest quarterly (we plan on checking again in April, July, and October), and may be able to take advantage of the discounted pricing at that time if we can reach a minimum of ten users. Please keep an eye out for more information.

In the meantime, we are here to help our members with the licensure process in any way we can. In the absence of a formal ARE ASAP program in 2017, we will be extending the use of our ASAP library (an expanded version of our member ARE library) for all members. This library includes study guides, question & answer books, flashcards, and other materials. Please take a look at the library and checkout procedures to find out more.

In addition to the library, members also have access to a series of recorded webinars (one for each section of the 4.0 test), and other online study materials. Our office is also available for self-organized and directed study groups.

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axp_logoWhat’s AXP? 
All of NCARB’s 54 U.S. jurisdictions require you to gain and document a certain amount of experience before becoming an architect. That’s where the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®) comes in.

Through the AXP, you will learn about the daily realities of architectural practice, acquire comprehensive experience in basic practice areas, explore specialized areas of practice, develop professional judgment, and refine your career goals. The AXP is developed and administered by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). In most jurisdictions, completion of the AXP is a requirement for initial registration. The AXP identifies the tasks that are essential for competent practice. The program is structured to prepare you to practice architecture independently upon initial registration.

To learn about the other registration requirements, see Studying Architecture and Architect Registration Examination.

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Architectural Experience Program Guidelines