Project Manager, School District Bond Program (119 views)

The Project Manager for the School District’s Bond Program, within Aurora Public School’s job listing system the position is noted as Coordinator, Design & Construction, is responsible for planning and overseeing construction projects including new buildings, additions and remodels, and upgrades and repairs to meet District requirements. The position also serves as project manager in the development of overall project schedules; managing the design and construction process between the District user groups and the design and construction teams through all phases of design; during the construction and warranty phases; by coordinating with all stakeholders; in facilitating design submittal reviews; helping with moving coordination; facilitating procurements; providing interior design guidance; negotiating and evaluating change orders and overall project scope requirements within designated budgets; managing project closeout; managing remediation processes;  researching new construction technologies; providing regular written project status reports; and assisting Supervisor in long-term planning and facilities assessments for the District.


  1. Serve as districts agent with the design firms and general contractors to insure the process, materials and methods employed by the design team and contractor are of acceptable quality and in compliance with the contract documents and within budget. Arrange for required tests and off-site improvements. Consult with district administrators in determining /prioritizing construction and/or service requirements. Provide architectural and construction expertise in determining design needs and cost estimates. Resolve construction issues. Review construction sequencing, submittals, material ordering, shipping, installation, scheduling and project modifications. Track all expenses against the project budget, review and approve payment of all invoices.
  2. Manage design submittal reviews with District personnel and building officials including schematic design, design development, and construction documents submitted by design teams to assure compliance with District requirements. Insure that all District educational and technical specifications and review comments are incorporated into the final bid documents.
  3. Manage the design and construction project teams through all phases of design, construction and warranty. Develop professional relationships for coordination of facility design and construction with outside consultants; with District personnel, state and local building officials, utility companies, other government entities; and school/citizen groups. Maintain path of communication between all parties.
  4. Perform in-house design of smaller projects. Procure small purchase contracts for construction. Manage the activities of multiple contractors on smaller construction projects where the district acts as the architect and/or general contractor.