Pandemics and Project Schedules

On April 1, Professional Affiliate Phil Cardi, Managing Member of Cardi, Schulte and Ford, LLC, gave a virtual presentation about how COVID-19 may impact your contracts.

Phil Cardi

Phil Cardi

See his top takeaways below:

  1. Understand your contractual commitments for services and the schedules for each project.
  2. Determine whether your contract has a clause that will entitle you to an adjustment of schedule due to the pandemic.
  3.  Communicate with your clients and consultants about how the pandemic is impacting your firm’s ability to perform services.
  4. Be specific and document the aspects of service that are delayed, compromised, or otherwise impacting project delivery.
  5. After reviewing each of your projects, communicate in writing and gain your client’s concurrence with schedule adjustments.
  6. Do not compromise your firm’s services, especially things that require out of office work, such as site visits.
  7. Take the time to do it right and meet the professional standard of care. If you need more time, ask for it.