Resources for the Employed

You're Still Employed but Want Resources

Fortunately, you’re still employed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
But how do you make sure you continue to add value to your employer and retain your job?

On this page you’ll find resources, information and events to help you weather the storm, learn new skills and earn learning units so that you provide value, even if you aren’t billable right now.

Earn HSW while at home

Now is the time to stack up your learning units for the year! AIAU has more than 150 online and affordable courses to help hone your skills and boost your resume.

Learn new skills from your computer

You’re stuck at home, your projects have slowed or stopped, and you’re trying to prove your value to your boss. Master these 10 business development skills.

Licensure in the Time of Coronavirus

If you’re not yet licensed, this is a great time to study for the ARE. Here is some information on how NCARB has changed testing policies and made guidelines more flexible to accommodate stay-at-home orders.

Student Loan Relief

After architecture school you likely are still paying off student loans. See some information about what the federal government is doing to alleviate the stress of paying back loans right now and resources for applying for relief.

Know What You're Worth

Use the AIA Compensation Calculator to benchmark your skills against peers and know what is reasonable to expect from your employers in terms of raises and benefits, both now and in the future when the pandemic ends.

What's going on at AIA Colorado?

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Connect with AIA Colorado members

Join our new Facebook group to share information and resources in real-time with the the AIA Colorado community.

Tips for staying productive at home

Kids running around, laundry to do and a virtual staff meeting. How do you stay productive at home?

Generational impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

See how each generation is interpreting this crisis and how you can use that information to uniquely contribute to your team.

AIA Colorado Events

Each week, we’re hosting virtual events where you can connect with the community, hear from other architects in a similar situation and even earn HSW.

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