A principal at Anderson Hallas Architects and the incoming AIA Denver 2018 Board President, Wells Squier, AIA, is fueled by a passion for design and a sense of responsibility to positively contribute to Colorado’s growing communities.

“We’re in this business to improve how people live and work, and to create lasting impact, while also realizing the client’s goals and ideas,” Wells said.squier 6

Wells’ passion for the profession began at an early age, when he spent time in his father’s industrial design firm playing with drafting tools and markers. From his father, he learned about design philosophy and the ins and outs of international retail store planning.

“Being exposed to design as a kid planted the seed of being an architect, and it never wavered,” Wells said, crediting his father as his ultimate inspiration.

In fact, when Wells was just eleven years old, he didn’t even know what exactly being an AIA member entailed, but he knew he wanted to one day have the credential attached to his name.

After earning his degree from University of Florida, Wells practiced in Fort Lauderdale and Chicago, before ultimately landing in Colorado, where he fuses his love of the outdoors with his work at Anderson Hallas.

Wells spends his time designing solutions for municipalities and civic projects of varying scale and budget.  Wells also enjoys supporting the firm’s work with the  National Park Service—as these projects afford the opportunity to visit and contribute to a lasting legacy of America’s greatest treasures.

Though Wells has worked on large-scale, international projects, he finds the projects he does now to be the most rewarding of his career. squier 2

“It’s an incredible time to be in Colorado from a growth and design standpoint,” Wells said. “It’s a great place for entrepreneurs, there’s a real opportunity for architects to contribute to the dialogue around quality design and affordability, and we have a real opportunity to be involved in the city’s long-term evolution and to leave our mark on what it will become.”

But, Wells cautions that with the incredible pace at which Colorado is growing, architects also have a responsibility to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Motivated by that responsibility, Wells is active as an architect in the community and as an AIA member. For the past two years he has served on the AIA Denver Board and will be the Denver Board President in 2018.

Since college, Wells has been involved with AIA and attended events, conferences and classes, but most recently, it’s his desire to give back and advocate, which caused him to deepen his involvement with AIA Colorado.

“I have a true and sincere passion for this profession, and immense enthusiasm for doing the right thing. My hope is that I can inspire and at assist in supporting Colorado members to create and promote the best in our profession.”