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The work of AIA Colorado is performed by annual Board of Directors, some 100 volunteers, and staff. Meet them all below.

Board of Directors
Local Advisors
National Representatives
AIA Colorado Staff

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Telluride Transfer | Draper White

2024 Board of Directors

Julianne Scherer, AIA


Sarah Broughton, FAIA

Past President
Rowland + Broughton Architecture / Urban Design / Interior Design

Scott Rodwin, AIA

Rodwin Architecture

John Glenn, AIA

Davis Partnership Architects

James Childs, AIA


Andy Rockmore, AIA

Denver Director
Shears Adkins Rockmore

Huili Feng, AIA

North Director
Tumu Studio

Andrea Korber, AIA

West Director

Joey Bahnsen, AIA

South Director

Anna Friedrich, Assoc. AIA

Associate Director
Bray Architecture


Alexander Person, Assoc. AIA

At-Large Director

Marc Swackhamer, Assoc. AIA

At-Large Director
University of Colorado Denver
College of Architecture & Planning

Scott Munn, AIA

At-Large Director
MA Studios

Dania Morelli

At-Large Director
University of Colorado Denver

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Freyer–Newman Center for Science, Art and Education at the Denver Botanic Gardens | Frank Ooms

2024 Local Advisors


Andy Rockmore, AIA, Denver Director
Drew Allen, AIA
Garret Biltoft, AIA
Katie Coyle, AIA
Jack Davis, AIA
Lauren Falcon, AIA
Yung Hong, AIA
Karen Offer, AIA
Erik Okland, AIA
Becky Stone, AIA


Huili Feng, AIA, North Director
Kelly Albrecht, AIA
Alec Iacono, AIA
Ming-Yi Wong, AIA


Joey Bahnsen, AIA, South DirectorTyler Wurr, AIA


Andrea Korber, AIA, West Director
Scott Munn, AIA
Sarah Broughton, FAIA
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The Nelle | Chris Fulenwider
39.72442840860404, -104.95183392667496
The Nelle | Chris Fulenwider

2024 National Representatives

National Architect Licensing Advisor, Mara Song, AIA
National Architect Licensing Advisor, Kahyun Lee, AIA
National Architect Licensing Advisor, Cheri Gerou, FAIA
National Associates Committee, Kari Lawson, AIA
Small Firm Exchange Representative, Dana Ellis, AIA
State Disaster Assistance Coordinator, Brett Hartle, AIA
State/Local Government Network Liaison, TJ Carvis, AIA
Strategic Council Representative, Sarah Broughton, FAIA
Young Architects Forum Representative, Kaylyn Kirby, AIA
Fellows Representative, Gregory Friesen, FAIA

2024 Committee Volunteers

Academy of Architecture for Health Knowledge Community

Jack Reed, AIA, Chair
Jennifer Edwards, Assoc. AIA
Mike Hagan, AIA
Kari Lawson, AIA
Tim Neely, AIA
Alisa Rice, AIA
Genevieve Rogers, AIA
Akshay Sangolli, AIA
Lauren Sherman-Boemker, Assoc. AIA
Amy Zimmerman, AIA

Awards Committee

Renee del Gaudio, AIA, Co-Chair
Brad Tomecek, FAIA, Co-Chair
Kelly Buehler, AIA
Christine Rajpal, AIA
Scott Rodwin, AIA

Business of Architecture Knowledge Community

Emily Adams, AIA, Chair
Mark Baker, AIA
Aaron Hodgin, AIA
Andrea Korber, AIA
Scott Munn, AIA
Jacqueline Ponns-Bunney

Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program Executive Committee

Chelsea Wade, AIA, Chair
Johann Duran-Hunt, AIA, Vice Chair
Leah Gordon, Assoc. AIA, Chair Emeritus
Sarah Long, AIA, Outreach Director
Lauren Hiatt, AIA, Marketing Director
Ben Ludeman, Assoc. AIA, Business Development Director
Benjamin Champagne, AIA, Treasurer

Conference Committee

Ken Andrews, AIA, Co-Chair
Kaylyn Kirby, AIA, Co-Chair
Gabe Bergeron, AIA
Alan Ford, FAIA
Gregory Friesen, FAIA
Julian Lineham
Jennifer Seely, AIA
Chelsea Wade, AIA

College of Fellows Nominating Committee

Phil Gerou, FAIA, Chair
Jack Davis, FAIA
Kevin Eronimous, AIA
Larry Friedberg, FAIA
Gregory Friesen, FAIA
Scott Lindenau, FAIA
Deborah Lucking, FAIA
Mary Morissette, FAIA
Scott Rodwin, AIA
Tonia Salgado, FAIA
Zachary Taylor, AIA
Mike Wisneski, AIA

Committee on the Environment

Tiffany Beffel, AIA, Co-Chair
Marisol Foreman, AIA, Co-Chair
Renee Azerbegi, AIA
Charles Brown, AIA
Bradford Bull, AIA
Jennifer Cordes, AIA
Jerico Enriquez, AIA
James Erickson, Assoc. AIA
John Giganti, AIA
Aaron Harcek, AIA
Kristen Heitfeld, AIA
Taylor Higgins, AIA
Tom Hootman, AIA
Paul Hutton, FAIA
Deborah Lucking, FAIA
Hana Maclean, AIA
Adam Nault, AIA
James Schneider
Amanda Spice, Assoc. AIA
Tobias Strohe, AIA
Bunny Tucker, AIA
Bill Turner, AIA
Zach Wilson, AIA
Tyler Wurr, AIA

Government Affairs Committee

Caleb Tobin, AIA, Chair
Brittany Goldsmith, Assoc. AIA, Secretary
Drew Allen, AIA
D.A. Bertram, FAIA
TJ Carvis, AIA
Ignacio Correa-Ortiz, AIA
Kevin Eronimous, AIA
William Furman, AIA
John Glenn, AIA
Brandon Gossard, AIA
Chris Green, FAIA
Chris Greenwald, AIA
Michael Holtz, FAIA
Paul Hutton, FAIA
Jessica Hunter, AIA
Sean Jursnick, AIA
Tana Lane, AIA
Alex Martin, Assoc. AIA
David Needleman, AIA
Anthony Ries, AIA
Joede Schoeberlein, AIA
James Schneider
Scott Shea, AIA
Brian Sipes AIA
Zachary Taylor, AIA
Tom Theobald, AIA
Mike Wisneski, AIA
Alfred Zarlengo

Housing Committee

John Glenn, AIA, Chair
Pratiksha Achari, Assoc. AIA
Natalie Cariello, Assoc. AIA
Jack Davis, FAIA
Anthony Gallion, AIA
Brian Golden, AIA
Troy Foster, AIA
Jeffrey Fleming, Assoc. AIA
Sean Jursnick, AIA
Craig Lawrence, AIA
David Milner, Assoc. AIA
James Williams, AIA

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) Committee

Sarah Morasso, AIA, C0-Chair
Brittany Soler, Assoc. AIA, Co-Chair
Ron Abo, FAIA
Jennifer Edwards, Assoc. AIA
Emily Finch, AIA
Anna Friedrich, Assoc. AIA
Avignon Greene, AIA
Sarah Goldblatt, AIA
Margarita Gonzalez, Assoc. AIA
Marianne Holbert, AIA
Ely Merheb, AIA
Alexander Person, Assoc. AIA
Leah Pitts, AIA
Sonya Shah, AIA
Courtney Tarr, AIA

Regional and Urban Design Knowledge Community

Terra Mazzeo, AIA, Chair
Ignacio Correa-Ortiz, AIA
Hans Davis, Assoc. AIA
Troy Foster, AIA
Alan G Gass, FAIA
Leah Pitts, AIA
Will Viitanen, Assoc. AIA
Jason Whitlock, AIA
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1881 Heritage Farm Park | DB Ink/Superbloom

AIA Colorado Staff

Mike Waldinger, Hon. AIA


Amy Blagriff, Hon. AIA

Chief Operating Officer

Nikolaus Remus, AIA

Advocacy Engagement Director

Jon Bell

Communications & Creative Director

Rylee Younger

Programs Director, Events & Continuing Education

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