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Studio NYL is committed to providing unparalleled whole-building, structural, and facade design services to architects—and doing so in a unique way. We are guided by a set of core values that we strive to constantly embody. Our goal is to share our talent, limitless ideas, and radical thinking with our visionary partners to change the world through design. We’re passionate about the design process and can make anything possible with the artful use of structure and creative approach to facade design. We house deep structural and facade capabilities within one cohesive team, fostering creativity and agility. We believe high-design and high-performance go hand-in-hand. We optimize buildings so they perform better for occupants and the environment. We’re the enabling problem-solver in the room. We push the limits of what’s possible with structures and materials and are constantly expanding on the processes, techniques, and technologies we employ. We seek the most elegant solution to every problem while remaining grounded in tried-and-true engineering principles. We stay at the vanguard of emerging techniques and technologies. Studio NYL is a team of designers with a passion for Architecture working on project ranging from houses to high rises.

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