By David Riggs, AIA

Riggs, David 02_small for webOn August 29th AIA Colorado hosted a member meeting with Jay Eenhuis and John Welton, Deputy Building Officials, with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department in Colorado Springs. Earlier this year the jurisdictions represented by Pikes Peak Regional Building Department adopted the 2017 Regional Building Code which is the amended version of the 2015 I-Codes. Starting December 1st all projects submitted to PPRBD for permit will be required to be based on the 2017 Regional Building Code. A great discussion occurred between members and Jay and John while they presented the main differences between the 2011 Regional Building Code and the 2017 Regional building Code. An example of one of the items that PPRBD will require on the construction drawings submitted for permit plan review under the 2017 RBC is a statement that the final commissioning report is to be given to the Owner within 90 days of receiving certificate of occupancy per the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code.

Jay thanked the AIA Colorado members that earlier this year reviewed and offered feedback on the proposed Life Safety Plan Policy. The policy requiring a life safety plan be part of the permit submittal of projects that require 2 or more exits went into effect on June 1st and has helped both plan reviewers and inspectors in the field quickly locate and understand the intent on how the design meets the life safety code requirements.

In addition to the presentation and discussion on the new Regional Building Code, Nick Remus, AIA with AIA Colorado gave members an update on the recent advocacy initiatives taking place particularly the meeting with Colorado House Representative Pete Lee from House District 18. Pete is running for State Senate District 11 and ARCpac presented a check to him during a meeting with 4 local architects that discussed the profession and the issues facing our members. Nick also mentioned to members there is a proposed advocacy network plan being put forth to the AIA Colorado Board by a task force made up of members of the Government Affairs Committee. The intent of the advocacy network is to have members in each house and senate district have a relationship with the elected officials and be willing to reach out to the official when a call to action is needed on a legislative topic of importance to AIA Colorado members. All members are encouraged to meet and reach out to your elected officials as well as joining boards in their local community to promote the architecture profession.