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By Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

In November of 2017, the citizens of Denver historically voted in favor of a new law requiring the construction of green roofs and/or solar installations on most new and existing buildings to combat the urban heat island effect and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  As a result, the Denver Community Planning Department now requires professionals working with green roof systems to have two years of total field experience. The Department has recognized the value of the Green Roof Professional (GRP) Training and Accreditation program by allowing it to count towards one year of total field experience, when applying for a Specialty Class D Roofing License.

To assist trade professionals working within Denver and beyond, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities has organized an in-class Denver GRP Training Course between  May 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  The event will include specialized topics in green roofing including Design & Installation, Waterproofing & Drainage, and Plants & Growing Media, as well as presentations from local expert guest speakers.  GRP Training is also an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals, and gain exposure to green roof projects through local tours. Click here to register.  Those wishing to pursue the GRP designation can now do so by taking the two-hour, multiple-choice GRP Accreditation Exam online. Click here to register for the exam.

The GRP Accreditation has also been recognized by The Green Infrastructure Foundation (GIF), which launched the Living Architecture Performance Tool (LAPT) Version 1.0 in March of this year. The LAPT contains specific performance criteria and metrics for green roofs, green walls or combinations thereof.  It is to green roofs and walls, what LEED is to green buildings. The LAPT is focused on helping designers, installers and maintenance professionals work on projects that achieve maximum performance benefits with a system comprised of eight major categories and a possible 110 credits.  The LAPT also GRHC_AIA_Article_Image_Filefacilitates policy support for green roofs and walls by providing a technical basis for performance, and awards credits to projects utilizing GRP Accredited professionals.

In the spring of 2018 the GRP Training program will migrate to the Living Architecture Academy Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ new online education platform. In addition to the existing course set, GRHC will release a series of new online training topics, including Advanced Green Roof Maintenance, Biophilic Design, and Urban Rooftop Agriculture.  These cutting-edge courses enable GRPs and other professionals to remain current in this rapidly evolving industry, where the stakes for success and failure are often very high!