This year’s Design & Honor Awards Celebration will take place at The Cable Center. And as it just so happens, AIA Colorado’s Past-President, Carl Hole, AIA, Principal at Stantec, was the Project Manager/Project Architect on the building. 

So, in advance of our event on September 13, we caught up with Carl to learn a little more about the project. Carl-2_small for web

Tell us about the project—design phase, problems it addressed, concept, etc.

The project was unique in that it had a long design period centered around fundraising and establishing the overall project goals related to how the building could support the goals of the Cable Center organization. The budget was pretty tight, so the whole team (client, contractor, design) worked hard to maintain the design while staying within the budget.

You’ve said before it was one of your most fulfilling projects. Why?

The project was an incredible learning opportunity from a technical standpoint. We wanted the building to relate to the DU campus (even though it was not a DU project), so our team had to learn a lot about limestone detailing and construction techniques.  In addition, the client team was incredible to work with and always pushed the design as much as possible.

What role do you think it serves as a landmark on the DU campus?

During design, we had a lot of conversations about the building sitting on the DU campus but not being a DU project. Our design incorporated limestone, granite and building forms that relate to the DU campus. However, we incorporated a more contemporary approach to the design (more curtainwall, more circular forms, metal paneling) that relates to the forward-thinking Cable industry. From a neighborhood context, it is a great counterpoint to some of DU’s more traditional design language.

What do you think about us hosting the design awards celebration there?

I think it is great and an honor! It will be awesome to be networking and celebrating with colleagues in a space that was pretty pivotal in my career!