3-27-20 update

On Wednesday, March 25, Governor Polis issued a statewide stay-at-home order in effect through April 11. Please note many terms below have been updated to match those used in the state’s order (such as “essential business” changing to “critical business”.

Do I still have to follow a local stay-at-home order now that there is a state order? (NEW)

Yes. Local jurisdictions retain the ability to issue their own orders. If there are inconsistencies between multiple orders in effect at the same time, follow the stricter applicable provisions.

Is an architecture firm a critical business? (UPDATED)

Yes and no. The architecture profession is not typically listed by name in stay-at-home orders. DORA has issued a guidance document that includes architects (and professional engineers) in its list of critical professions, but only for roles that cannot be performed remotely.

Is construction a critical business? (UPDATED)

Yes. All construction operations and projects may remain active as long as they implement strict physical distancing protocols.

Can architects still perform contract administration services on-site? (UPDATED)

Yes. Individuals may leave their residences to provide services necessary to support construction operations and when architectural services cannot be performed remotely. General contractors in charge of construction sites are responsible for developing and implementing site-specific protocols, which must be followed by every individual on-site.

In addition to coordinating on-site efforts with your clients and general contractors, architecture firms are encouraged to consult with your insurance carriers and legal council on navigating health risks to staff who perform duties that cannot be done remotely.

Can I still work at my office since architects are a critical profession? (UPDATED)

No, with limited exemptions. As noted above, architects can leave their homes to perform roles that cannot be performed remotely. However, working in an office in general is not allowed during a stay-at-home order. Staff may also travel to offices to perform “minimum basic operation” tasks.

Individuals who travel to either access or work in an office are still required to comply with social distancing requirements defined in an order and are encouraged to spend as little time as possible outside of home when performing these operations.

All individuals are permitted to work from home.

What are basic minimum operations for businesses? (UPDATED)

The minimum necessary activities to:

  1. Maintain the value of the business’s inventory, ensure security, process payroll and employee benefits, or for related functions.
  2. Facilitate employees of the business being able to continue to work remotely from their ​Residences ​are allowable pursuant to this Order.

Any business supporting ​minimum basic operations​ must comply at all times with social distancing requirements.