By Drew Allen, AIA, project architect at Perkins&Will and Editorial Committee Chair  

Allen_Drew_MASTERTo put it as succinctly as possible: The Editorial Committee of AIA Colorado exists to elevate the voices of AIA members throughout the state of Colorado. Our goal is to raise awareness around a variety of issues that are important to architects and the building industry in our state. We are also charged with giving members a platform to raise their own voices and share their expertise, values and perspectives with a wider audience.

In order to do so, we are focused on producing content for AIA Colorado by way of written articles, social media, and audio and visual mediums. The way that people consume information has shifted dramatically over the last decade (just take a look at the decline of newspapers and the rise of podcasts and YouTube for a quick example) and it is beyond critical that architects stay ahead of this curve. We have a lot to bring to the table just by the very nature of what we do for a living, but as someone once told me, “if you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re on the menu”.

The Editorial Committee aims to level that playing field and make sure that architects are getting our message out there. This upcoming year, our goal is to ensure that we are elevating the voices of members from across the state and to make sure that we touch on topics that are relevant within our ever-changing landscape. It is also important that we highlight and discuss issues beyond the obvious building environment topics. Issues ranging from equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), the climate crisis, and legislative matters are quickly rising to the top of points of concern for architects, and it’s critical that we meet these topics head on and have an opinion that we put forth. If we allow others to dictate our narrative, our industry will continue to be reactive instead of proactive.

This year, we are hoping to hear from a wider range of architects and designers and to discuss a greater variety of topics. We hope to expand the way that we elevate our voices by expanding the ways that we get our message out into the world through new mediums and through more media partnerships. Most importantly, we aim to create a stronger voice within and from the architecture community; one that delves into issues that may seem uncomfortable but are critically important to the future of the profession and Colorado.

As always, if you have any interest in contributing on a topic or would like to know more about the Editorial Committee, please reach out to either Marisa Pooley or Drew Allen.