By Nan Anderson, FAIA and principal at Anderson Hallas Architects

10.18.17.Nan Anderson profileWhat was “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” Graduating from college with a degree in Art History, I moved west and bought an H&R Block franchise. (Because that’s what all Art History majors do.)  That was my best decision, because I learned tax code and tax preparation, how to run a business and grow my clientele of rural clients who weren’t exactly looking for a 22-year old woman to trust with their finances.

Joining fellow entrepreneurs in AIA Colorado’s “Business of Architecture – Your Path to Partnership” will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Whether you’re looking to step into your current firm’s leadership, are thinking about starting your own studio or are just curious about what’s behind the curtain of a successful architectural practice, you’ll find the tools and wisdom in this six-session series.

From the 30,000-foot view of current and future trends within our profession and fundamental questions like, “Are you ready?” we’ll zoom in on the issues that support the great work we do. The first session includes a panel discussion of three architects who’ve chosen different paths to partnership – one within her own firm, one starting a firm from the ground up and a third who diverged into design fabrication. The point is, there are many ways to get there and important choices on that road.

Should you form an LLC, Subchapter S, C-Corp or other and what are the relative benefits and constraints of each? How do you balance the “doing” and “finding” sides of architecture? How do clients find you and what brings them back?  What are the 3 things every contract should include or avoid? What are the elements of great office culture and how do you shape them for yours? These sessions will walk that fine line between providing just the right and dizzying amounts of information—ultimately leaving you inspired and prepared for the next challenge.

And in the final session, you’ll put it all together and craft your personal roadmap to partnership – a journey that will be better buttressed by the education you’ve just received.

Or, you might return to tax preparation. But somehow, we doubt it.