2022 Legislator Awards Presentation

Both Rep. Bird and Sen. Simpson approach issues as problems to be solved, choose issues that will help the constituents and communities they serve, while avoiding ideological battles. They are smart, decent people, and fair in their approach to issues. AIA Colorado is lucky to have them as champions.

Jerry Johnson, lobbyist and Honorary Member of AIA Colorado

After an eventful campaign season last Fall and a highly productive legislative session this year, we were thrilled to honor Senator Cleave Simpson as AIA Colorado’s exceptional new legislator for 2022, alongside Representative Shannon Bird, our 2022 legislator of the year.

Senator Simpson was acknowledged for his instrumental role in sponsoring the 2021 continuing education bill and his persistent commitment to tackling Colorado’s pressing water issues.

Representative Bird has been an invaluable advocate for licensing bills, recognizing the importance of incorporating precise language in legislation that impacts professions and occupations regulated within Colorado, in alignment with nationwide standards and reciprocity systems.

Both legislators, AIA Colorado Board Members, and members of the Government Affairs Committee gathered for a luncheon at SAR+ to honor the recipients on May 12, 2023.

From Left to Right:

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