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Ascend Mentorship Program

Apply to join the 2023 Mentorship Program here.


The Ascend Program connects emerging architecture professionals with mid-career architects through mentorship as an intentional first step into the profession. These connections will support EP’s in the early stage of their careers, guiding through challenges, setting goals, and developing the skill set to succeed.  


If you are interested in p articipating in the program as a mentee or mentor, please apply here.


Program requirements

The Ascend Program is for Emerging Professional mentees currently working in the field of architecture, with between 1-5 years of professional office experience, who have not completed requirements for licensure. Members who have started the AXP process are preferred. Recent graduates are encouraged to apply. 

Mentors are selected from licensed architects working in the field of architecture. Mentors will have between 10-15 years of professional experience, hold a leadership or senior position within their firm, and are engaged on active projects. 


The Ascend Program will empower people to see the future of their career in architecture, and develop a path for their next 5-10 years in the profession. 

This program has been developed to fit as the first step in a series of established AIA Colorado opportunities to enrich careers and provide opportunities for leadership. Graduates of the Ascend program are encouraged to continue their professional development through these other programs:

  1. The Ascend Program
  2. Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program
  3. Volunteering
    • A. Local advisory councils
    • B. Committee work
    • C. Knowledge communities
    • D. Board membership
  4. College of Fellows

Program outcomes

1.  Guidance

Awareness and identification of culture of architecture profession. Training on professional etiquette and expectations. Negotiate the adjustments from academia to profession.  

2.  Support, problem solving

Preparing for and dealing with challenges in the working environment. Problem solving. 

3.  Career Planning, Goal Setting

Understanding the different career paths in architecture. Setting goals in a career, and developing a pathway to achieve those goals.


This program’s success is directly dependent on the consistent attendance by the participants and therefore attendance is mandatory. Each member will be allowed one excused absence. The attached agreement form must be filled out and signed by the applicant. The signature of a firm principal is also required showing the commitment of the firm to the applicant’s full participation. 

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