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Exam Resources

Regardless of the stage in your career, licensure adds a valuable dimension to your professional development. Here’s everything you need to get prepped.

Exam Preparation

Architect Exam Prep Materials

ARE 5.0 Community

ARE 5.0 Handbook 

ARE 5.0 Information

ARE 5.0 Demo and Testing Strategies 

DORA – Colorado State Licensing Board (DORA)

NCARB Pass the ARE

Professional Publications, Inc.

Financial Assistance

AIA Colorado Licensure Advancement Fund:

The Licensure Advancement Fund is a new initiative of AIA Colorado, supported by The Architectural Education Foundation, to help AIA Colorado Associate members experiencing economic hardship to continue on the path to licensure.

Lending Library

AIA Colorado has a number of study materials available to loan. Contact Advocacy Engagement at nikolaus@aiacolorado.org to coordinate. 

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