Special Meeting of the Members: Bylaws Revisions

Notice of Special Virtual Meeting of the AIA Members

In a year filled with change we are forced to react to, the AIA Colorado Board of Directors has been working on proactive change for the association and its members. The board has approved a special virtual meeting of the members of AIA Colorado to take place on November 5, 2020, when you will be asked to vote on amending AIA Colorado’s main governing document—its bylaws. The vote will take place by written electronic ballot as discussed in more detail below.

Hopefully, you have seen the aspirations we have laid out to realize our preferred future. Getting there will require new rules of the road. After months of diligent work informed by extensive research and trusted counsel within the Institute, the association industry and non-profit legal expertise, the Board of Directors recommends the adoption of the proposed bylaws below and looks forward to hearing your voice with questions and comments—and most importantly your vote. Please review the information herein. The purpose in which it is delivered is to help you make an informed decision, not to sway opinion.

 Recent History

Our bylaws were last updated October 2016. Those edits followed an organizational restructure that merged five corporations (four local and one state) into one single statewide body and governance model.

A subsequent proposal to further amend the bylaws was presented in 2018 and failed to pass. Though numerous provisions were outlined, the main point of contention in that draft centered on the proposed elimination of section directors on the statewide board. Whatever the intentions or logic, those opposed asserted such changes would further diminish locally focused member service following repositioning.

The national AIA enacted a number of changes to its bylaws as recently as June 2019. Each chapter of the AIA must be in compliance with those bylaws and is urged to update their own bylaws to reflect those changes. So, too, have there been statutory changes since 2016 to the Colorado Nonprofit Corporations Law, under which we must legally operate.

Current Conditions

With that as context, a member task force conducted a top-to-bottom, line-by-line review of the bylaws and presented a comprehensive update to the Board of Directors. They took into account the need to align with national governing documents and the requirement to operate in concert with Colorado Nonprofit Corporations Act as prerequisites. They also desired to simplify and clarify where possible, adapting to the changing world we currently work in. Most importantly to match the mission, vision and values with our governance rules and to effectively support the volunteer opportunities in our committees, task forces and board seats. Last but not least, to avoid the shortcomings of the past and provide multiple leadership pathways that respect the many member contributions and identities whether it be by professional interest, career stage or location.

The Bylaws Task Force held a Special Meeting of the Membership on October 21, answering member questions and discussing the changes. Next, on November 5, 2020, all eligible voters will receive an email—via your email address on record with AIA—containing instructions to access your electronic ballot to cast your vote on the Proposed Bylaws. Electronic voting will open on November 5 by 12 p.m. MST and will close at 11:59 p.m. MST on November 10, 2020. We appreciate your early vote to meet quorum requirements.

We thank you for your time and hope we’ve provided not only information but transparency and accessibility. That is how you keep us accountable and we move forward together for the advancement of the profession.
To inform your decision, we invite you to review the pertinent documents below.

And as a reminder, all eligible voters will receive an email from announcement@associationvoting.com on November 5 with instructions to access your ballot online, or you may VOTE DIRECTLY NOW. If you have any questions or problems while voting electronically, please use the help form on the login page to send a support request directly to AIA Colorado.

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