DORA Policy for CE Deficiencies When Renewing a License

Colorado-licensed architects are required to renew licenses in odd-numbered years by October 31. Remember, the annual state-required 12 HSW hours of continuing education are per calendar year. You still have until December 31 to finish this year’s hours.

The DORA AES board has updated their policies on how CE deficiencies from previous years are handled upon license renewal. Falsely attesting that you have met the continuing education requirements during the renewal process triggers disciplinary action with fines. However, there is now a better system to make up deficiencies ahead of attempting to renew your license with lower penalties for minor infractions. We recommend that Colorado-licensed members follow these steps as soon as possible:

Log into your account and review your CE transcript from 2021 and 2022 to confirm you’ve earned 12 HSW hours each year. If you’re deficient, review section 40.15 of the board policies document to understand applicable penalties and be ready to report the deficiency to the AES board.

You’ll have until December 31st to complete any make-up CE hours in addition to the 12 required for 2023. You can start that process immediately. If you have CE deficiencies from prior years, do not attempt to renew your license prior to completing both 12 hours for 2023 and make up any deficiencies, unless otherwise directed by DORA.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Nikolaus Remus.

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