Practice + Design Conference 2020: Day 1

Just Architecture 2020 Practice + Design Conference
Day 1 Recap: “Just Design”

By Victor Gonzalez

The 2020 AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference debuted Wednesday, October 14, and focused on the theme of “Just Design.” Five keynote speakers in the morning sessions showcased the scale of architecture that is currently taking place from the capital of Peru to the heart of Chicago’s south side to the districts of Los Angeles.

The designs of Lima, Peru, from Sandra Barclay, showcased “Just Intimacy” in relation to how design can downscale the vastness of our environment all by taking inspiration from local culture. The eight designs highlighted by Neil Denari incorporated “Just Urbanism,” and how the busy urban grid of Los Angeles can help inform design by designing with the urban grid rather than against it. “Just Design,” wrapped with the presentations of Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, highlighting the importance of creating a vibrant public space through storytelling, story making and how it can all adjust to the world. Day one was filled with many amazing stories and interpretations of design and how the current members of AIA Colorado continue to help shape the world around us.

Following morning keynote presentations, afternoons were filled with member engagement, featuring breakouts with each speaker, then a panel discussion with all, which resulted in high-level discussions on design alongside the humility of casual conversing with home as the backdrop for these world-renowned designers. Below are key takeaways and themes that emerged from the day’s events, which were documented by a live illustrator Ellen O’Neill (above).



Sandra Barclay | Just Intimacy

Ingredients of architecture

For the territory climate: Lima, Peru

Pre-Columbian legacy and landscape

Puruchuco, Lima

Casa Vedoble

Paracas Museum

The Hispanic Legacy and the City

Limana Restaurante

The Lessons from the Masters UDEP Academic Facilities

Neil Denari | Just Urbanism

Kyoto City Grid

“The Continuous Monument”

Aldo Rossi

Silver Lake 1

Half Court Housing

Beveled Office Building

9000 Wilshire Office Building

Santa Monica wellness Center

La Brea Hotel

Tod Williams and Billie Tsien | ADJUST

The Barnes Foundation

Obama Presidential Center

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