Equity Resources: November 11 Edition

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness Committee continues its series on racial equity in architecture. From podcasts to film to Instagram accounts worth following, we’re rounding up the best in relevant resources to keep working toward a more equitable profession.


Toxic Communities

Renowned environmental sociologist Dorceta Taylor focuses on the locations of hazardous facilities in low-income and minority communities and shows how they have been dumped on, contaminated and exposed. Drawing on an array of historical and contemporary case studies from across the country, Taylor explores controversies over racially-motivated decisions in zoning laws, eminent domain, government regulation (or lack thereof), and urban renewal.


NPR: The Conspiracy Against Hip-Hop

Why are hip-hop and mass incarceration so entangled in the U.S.? This episode examines the history of policing and the music industry’s complicity—with hip-hop OGs Too Short and Killer Mike—breaking down iconic songs to unveil how the justice system disproportionately affects Black America and what hip-hop, as America’s most consumed music genre, has always done to push back.


Beyond the Built

This Instagram account (and program) engages community through architecture to advocate for equitable, reflectively diverse environments. Founder and Executive Director is Pascale Sablan, who spoke recently at the 2020 AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference.


McKinsey’s Annual Women in the Workplace Survey

Before this year, Women in the Workplace research had consistently found that women and men leave their companies at comparable rates. However, due to the challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis, as many as two million women are considering leaving the workforce. The COVID-19 crisis could set women back half a decade!


Compendium of Architecture Pathways

AIA Colorado is working to build the largest compendium of opportunities for students and future architects of any age in Colorado. Share this link with your network and/or submit architecture internships, programs, courses, and more as we develop an interactive map of resources to design a more equitable profession.

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