2024 Practice + Design Conference Sponsorship

Our annual Practice + Design Conference is AIA Colorado’s largest signature event. Attended by over 500, the conference affords the opportunity for design and construction industry professionals to gain skills and foster relationships to advance their career and enhance the built environment. Join us this November and be right in the middle of all the action!

Designing in Timber | Unfound Door

This November 13-15 at Keystone Conference Center

Reach Colorado Architects

Make connections by attending sessions, joining conversations, and participating in the fun.  Booth contracts include up to two full conference registrations!

Practice + Design Conference |
Practice + Design Conference |

2024 Practice + Design Sponsorship

Below are outlined several opportunities of sponsorship designed to provide you with options to maximize your involvement and support for this year’s Practice + Design Conference. Each sponsorship opportunity is priced individually according to tier.

Please note that all $2,500+ sponsors will enjoy company logo/brand placement on conference website, conference app, conference related emails to all AIA Colorado memberships, and placement on aiacolorado.org conference webpages.

Additionally, each $5,000 sponsor gains the opportunity to host a dinner or networking event at Keystone Resort, with location fee waived as part of sponsorship package. There are 4 opportunities Wednesday evening and another 4 opportunities Thursday evening, available on a first come, first served basis. Sponsor is responsible for related food and beverage costs.

14er Sponsorship: $5,000

Utilizing our highest level of sponsorship, you get access to the opportunities that companies and firms have been asking for the most.

Coffee Lounge Sponsor

• The number 1 question we get asked all day long is “where’s the coffee?”
• Own the coffee lounge for a long stretch of time and work with AIA staff and venue management to outfit the coffee lounge with your promotional material in mind.
• Option to provide your own branded coffee cups, cocktail napkins, stir sticks, etc.
• 4 total opportunities available
• 2 complimentary conference registrations
• Opportunity to host own dinner or networking event with location fee waived (8 opportunities total, 4 available each night of the conference)
• $5,000

WiFi Sponsor

• “Hey, what’s the Wifi?” is a question that every single attendee will ask.
• Name the WiFi network and password that all attendees, speakers, and exhibitors will be using throughout the conference for all 3 days.
• Provide custom signage that attendees will use to identify the wifi network name and password
• 1 opportunity available
• 2 complimentary conference registrations
• Opportunity to host own dinner or networking event with location fee waived (8 opportunities total, 4 available each night of the conference)
• $5,000

Tech Connect Sponsor

• After an event like Tech Connect, the AIA Colorado inbox is typically full of questions such as “do you know any companies who are already doing this type of work?” After learning more about Tech Connect, you may realize that this sponsorships is perfect for your company.
• Sponsor Wednesday’s technology focused pre-event, Tech Connect, a separately ticketed event focusing on the technology that is shaping the future of the profession.
• Company or firm name recognition on number of promotional slides included in the arrival, intermission, and the networking portions of the event.
• Opportunity to exhibit and/or set up a presence during the happy hour following the event, including a table and chairs. This happy hour is for those who attended Wednesday’s event. This opportunity is only available to those who sponsor Tech Connect.
• Sponsorship recognition on all Tech Connect webpages and related Conference webpages
• Verbal sponsorship recognition on stage
• 4 total opportunities available
• 2 complimentary conference registrations to both the Tech Connect 1-day event as well as the 2-day Practice + Design Conference
• Opportunity to host own dinner or networking event with location fee waived (8 opportunities total available, 4 each night of the conference)
• $5,000

Keynote Sponsor

• For many attendees, the keynote presentations are why they initially attend our conference are the centerpieces of the schedule. No one skips the keynotes.
• Sponsorship recognition on main screens before featured keynote presentation.
• Opportunity to introduce keynote presenter on stage. AIA Staff can work with your presenter on introduction length, content, and on-stage walk through beforehand.
• Recognition from main stage of your sponsorship during Keynote introduction.
• Company or firm name included as presenting sponsor of Keynote everywhere Keynote description is provided, including conference website.
• Meet & greet for you and your company team attending the conference immediately following the keynote.
• 4 total opportunities available
• 2 complimentary conference registrations
• Opportunity to host own dinner or networking event with location fee waived (8 opportunities total available, 4 each night of the conference)
• $5,000

Premier Partnership

• Thursday evening’s Premier Happy Hour is the time when we show off the AIA Colorado Premier Partners, companies and firms who provide year-round support to AIA Colorado.
• Company or firm name included as Conference sponsor on conference website and conference promotional materials.
• Learn more about the full, year-round benefits and of Premier Partnership, including the year-long opportunity to be first to see any participation or sponsorship opportunities offered by AIA Colorado.
• 4 total opportunities remain
• 2 complimentary conference registrations
• Opportunity to host own dinner or networking event with location fee waived (8 opportunities total, 4 available each night of the conference)
• $5,000

13er Sponsorship: $2,500

Elevate the conference experience!

Gourmet Intermissions

• What’s better than seeing the Keystone staff role out an amazing spread of hors d’oeuvres and snacks right when your stomach is processing all of the learning you’ve been taking in? Nothing!
• Throughout the conference, we strive to “surprise and delight” attendees with fun food offerings right when attendees want a fun treat and are engaged in social time preceding Keynotes.
• Work with AIA staff and venue management to select from a list of offerings the snack that you’ll be providing. Staff and venue management will assist with options to help showcase your company or firm logo in proximity to food offering.
• 2 opportunities available
• Recognition as conference sponsor on conference website and promotional materials
• 1 complimentary conference registration
• $2,500

Learning Lab

• Are you looking for places to present to a room full of architects, eager to dive into the content you know backwards and forwards? Then this opportunity is for you!
• During the Practice + Design Conference, Learning Lab tracks offer the opportunity for sponsored presentations.
• Presentation will need to be submitted and approved for Continuing Education during the open Call for Presentations, anticipated to be open during June/July 2023. HSW content is preferred.
• Company or firm name included as presenting sponsor/presenter of Learning Lab everywhere the presentation description is provided, including conference website.
• 4 opportunities available.
• 1 complimentary conference registration for presenter or company representative.
• $2,500

Practice + Design Conference |
Practice + Design Conference |

Expo Hall Engagement: $2,800 for Allied members and Premier Partners. $3,000 for non-members

Enjoy direct interaction with architects on the expo hall floor!

Exclusive Expo Hall Hours 

Enjoy a redesigned floor plan that offers excellent sight lines to booths and activities throughout the Expo. The Expo Hall is an important part of the Conference providing an educational hub where design and construction professionals can gain valuable AIA CES learning unit hours, talk to experts like you, and find the answers to design challenges.


To make the most of your booth, AIA Colorado has built in several features to bolster your experience: 

Open Floor Plan

We’re maximizing site lines by designing an open floor plan. Center booths feature 3-foot high pipe and drape. If you have a tall display or backdrop, booths along the perimeter can accommodate your needs. 

Education Station

15-minute informative mini-seminars are hosted in proximity to your booth, focused on one learning objective, and typically highly targeted and needs-based. These quick knowledge sessions will be scheduled to repeat twice during expo hours to allow for maximum attendance. Course content must be unbiased and may not market a presenter’s products or services to meet requirements for AIA Continuing Education and course needs to be HSW. AIA Colorado manages the AIA CES reporting. 12 spots available with first-in-line preference given to Premier Partners and Allied members.

Practice + Design Conference |
AIA Colorado Allied Member |

Join us this November!

Please contact Amy Blagriff, Hon. AIA, to get started with your Conference Involvement. We look forward to seeing you at Keystone Conference Center this November!

Amy Blagriff, Hon. AIA
Chief Operating Officer

Terms and Conditions

Booth Dimensions and Amenities 

Each 8 ft deep X 10 ft wide booth will be set with 3’ high black side dividers. Booths along the Expo perimeter will have 8’ high black back drape; center island booths will have a 3’ high black back drape. The booth package will consist of one 6’ white topped and black skirted table, and two padded banquet chairs provided by the conference center if requested at the time of contract. 

Booth Height

Center booths feature 3-foot high pipe and drape. If you have a tall display or backdrop, booths along the perimeter can accommodate your needs. 

Exhibit Booth Layout 

Every effort is made to accommodate exhibitor preferences as availability of exhibit space permits. Booth space is assigned on a first-paid basis. AIA Colorado reserves the right to adjust the expo floor plan and relocate booths at any time for the betterment of the event. 

Materials Rental 

Freeman is the official show decorator. Rental of additional or alternate tables, chairs and booth amenities are to be ordered through their online ordering system. Ordering information will be provided at the time of booth confirmation. 

Electrical Hookup/Services 

Electrical Hookup is provided at an additional fee from Keystone Conference Center. Ordering information will be provided at the time of booth confirmation. 

Conference Registration 

Two Conference Passes included with each exhibit hall contract. 


Delivery and loading shall only take place at designated loading areas and docks. Vehicles left unattended at loading docks for an excessive period will be subject to being ticketed & towed. 


During conference sessions, parking is available at the adjacent surface lots. Overnight parking is only available for attendees staying at Keystone.

Booth Co-op 

Contracting companies are responsible for coordinating cooperative agreements within booths and may not subcontract space or opportunities offered by AIA Colorado. 


AIA Colorado reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company, product and promotion, or part thereof, that in their opinion is not in keeping with the character and purpose of the Practice and Design Conference. Exhibits that detract from the character of the show; including persons, conduct or printed matter may be evicted by AIA Colorado. In the event of an eviction AIA Colorado is not liable for refunds. 

Booths, Displays, Decorations & Signs 

Materials within booths must be freestanding and may not exceed the allotted space. The maximum height of displays against the back wall of an exhibit booth on the perimeter of the exp floor is 12’. Displays over 8’ may not interfere with neighboring exhibits or displays. To avoid the possible obstruction, the height limitation of displays in balance of exhibit booth is 3’, except for product display that exceeds this height. Please be considerate of your neighbors; select appropriate booth location and allow sight lines from aisles. Materials may not be attached, taped, nailed, pinned, or otherwise fastened to any ceiling, floor, posts, permanent drapery, painted surface, or wall of the Conference Center. Duct tape may not be adhered to any surface including the floor. Glitter, decals, gum, confetti, and stickers may not be distributed or affixed inside the facility. Microphones with speakers are not allowed. 

Food and Beverage 

Keystone Resort is the exclusive caterer. Food and beverage samples given out or sold for consumption will not be allowed without prior consent from Keystone Resort. No food or beverages shall be served or brought onto the premises except through the caterer. This includes but is not limited to alcohol, prepackaged food and beverages, and specialty and homemade food and beverages. 

Fire Codes / Smoking 

Exhibitors, service contractors and event promoters must comply with all federal, state, and local fire codes which apply to places of public assembly. All exhibitor materials must be flame proof. Exhibitors are responsible for any floor damage caused by spillage of fuels, oils, or similar substances. Smoking is not permitted in the building. 

Americans with Disabilities Act 

Aisles and exits must be kept clean and free of obstructions. All exit signs must always remain unobstructed. Easels, signs, etc. may not be placed beyond the booth area. 

Health Safety 

The Practice + Design Conference will be conducted in accordance with all applicable public health orders and/or guidelines and operating procedures provided by the Resort, which may include but are not limited to, requirements for guests to provide valid proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to access the Resort and face covering mandates. Guests may be required to wear face coverings in certain areas including in indoor resort facilities. The wearing of face masks, and frequent use of hand sanitizer is encouraged. 

All AIA Colorado Practice + Design Conference Attendees including registrants, presenters, volunteers, exhibitors, sponsors, and set-up crews must agree to the AIA Colorado TERMS/Waiver and Release of Liability for Communicable Disease. 

Liability and Insurance 

The Resort and AIA Colorado are not responsible for the security of the exhibit or meeting spaces, or exhibits displayed therein. Exhibitors shall hold Resort and AIA Colorado harmless from any damage, destruction, or loss to exhibits. Exhibitors are encouraged to insure, through its insurance carrier, any exhibits exhibitor deems valuable. Exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims arising out of injury from or damage to their displays, equipment and other property and shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend AIA Colorado, Keystone Resort, Conference Center, the City and their officers, officials, employees, and agents from all such losses, damages, and claims. 

Exhibitor shall be fully responsible to pay for any and all damages to property owned by The Vail Corporation, including without limitation, its parent and subsidiary corporations, agents, employees, officers or directors and affiliates and insurance companies (the Released Parties”) which results from any act or omission of exhibitor. Exhibitor agrees to defend, indemnify and hole harmless the Released Parties from any damages or charges resulting from or arising from or out of the exhibitor’s us of Resort and its property. Exhibitor’s liability shall include all losses, costs, damages, or expenses arising from or out of or by reason of any accident or bodily injury or other occurrences to any person or persons, including the exhibitor, its agents, employees, and business invitees which arise from or out of exhibitor’s occupancy and/or use of the exhibition premises, the Resort, or any part thereof. The exhibitor understands that Resort does not maintain insurance covering the exhibitor’s property and that it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain such insurance. 

Payment and Refunds 

Payment in-full is required to secure a booth. Promotion of Exhibitor participation will be activated on confirmation of booth selection and within five business days of receipt of payment. 

Cancellation of booth participation must be received in writing 60 days prior to move-in for partial (50%) refund consideration. Cancellations received after August 31, 2024, may request that the 2024 exhibit booth fee by reallocated to 2024 conference sponsorship recognition.

Expo services contracted through third party vendors are subject to their terms and conditions.

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