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This team follows issues of statewide concern to the architecture profession, with an emphasis on the Colorado state legislature. Whether you’re already familiar with legislative issues that affect architects or would like to learn and share your perspective, the Government Affairs Committee is a great way to get involved and help us define our advocacy objectives and policy priorities.

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Committee Chair

TJ Carvis, AIA

Committee Members

D.A. Bertram, FAIA
Erin Braunstein, AIA
Ignacio Correa-Ortiz, AIA
Kevin Eronimous, AIA
William Furman, AIA
Brittany Goldsmith, Assoc. AIA
Brandon Gossard, AIA
Chris Green, FAIA
Chris Greenwald, AIA
Michael Holtz, FAIA
Tana Lane, AIA
Paul Hutton, FAIA
John Glenn, AIA
Alexander Martin, Assoc. AIA
Adam Nault, AIA
Anthony Ries, AIA
Joede Schoeberlein, AIA
Scott Shea, AIA
Zachary Taylor, AIA
Caleb Tobin, AIA
Thomas Theobald, AIA
Mike Wisneski, AIA
Jenny Kivett, AIA
Drew Allen, AIA
Brian Sipes AIA
David Needleman, AIA

2023 Meeting Dates
February 16
April 13
June 22
August 24
October 26

News, Articles, Webinars, are Event Recaps

  • 2023 Legislative Session Recap – Part 1
    With the 2023 Colorado legislative session behind us, let’s take a look at the bills that will most impact the architecture profession. Thank you to our Government Affairs Committee members and especially the legislative subcommittee members who collectively reviewed all 610 bills introduced. 2023 Legislative Subcommittee Roster And, as always, a special thanks to our … Read more
  • 2022 Legislator Awards Presentation
    Both Rep. Bird and Sen. Simpson approach issues as problems to be solved, choose issues that will help the constituents and communities they serve, while avoiding ideological battles. They are smart, decent people, and fair in their approach to issues. AIA Colorado is lucky to have them as champions. Jerry Johnson, lobbyist and Honorary Member … Read more
  • SB23-213: Members Weigh the Pros and Cons of the Land Use and Housing Bill
    This year’s legislative session has produced one of the most contentious bills we have ever seen that affects the architecture profession in SB23-213: Land Use. While most everyone agrees that we have a shortfall across the state for housing units in general, and for affordable housing in particular, this bill takes a heavy-handed approach that’s caused … Read more
  • Letter from the President
    Hello AIA Colorado Members, It is my honor to be your 2023 AIA Colorado President. Thank you for your trust and support as we have embarked on another year full of exciting opportunities and fulfillment of goals. I hope that 2023 has started strong for each of you and that you share my optimism surrounding … Read more
  • 2022 Elections and How They Impact The Architecture Profession
    The dust has settled on the 2022 elections and we’d like to let our members know what to expect as we look ahead to the 2023 legislative session here in Colorado. Races for all four statewide offices (Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Treasurer) always occur during presidential midterm elections. This year all four … Read more
  • 2022 ARCpac / ARCsdc Contributions
    The Architects of Colorado Political Committee (ARCpac) and Architects of Colorado Small Donor Committee (ARCsdc) empower architects to play an active role in the election process. Through these efforts, AIA Colorado members can collectively donate to candidates who fight for issues on behalf of architects. In 2022, we supported 17 state legislative candidates that align … Read more
  • Historic Evening with Denver Mayors
    by Margarita Gonzalez, Assoc. AIA Whether you like politics or not, it deeply affects our profession. On Thursday, August 18th, as part of “Building Denver: Visions of the Capital City” exhibition event series, History Colorado Museum hosted a rare (apparently only second ever) discussion with the most recent majors of Denver: Federico Peña (1983–1991), Wellington … Read more
  • Statewide Energy Code Update Bill Passed
    AIA Colorado was proud to recently support HB22-1362: Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions, an energy code modernization bill that will result in more use statewide of the 2021 and 2024 International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC) as the new baseline for energy performance for every new building in Colorado. Representative Tracey Bernett of Longmont introduced the bill … Read more
  • Architecture Rules Update
    In 2021, AIA Colorado led a bill that successfully amended the practice act to remove a requirement for architects to demonstrate retention of the material presented in continuing education courses. The goal of this change was to end the need to complete DORA structured report forms for each course taken. Although the bill was signed … Read more
  • Meet the 2020 Legislator of the Year
    How do you feel as though you are making a positive impact on the built environment here in Colorado? Every day, we witness the harmful effects of the changing climate that have a direct impact on tourism, jobs, and the natural beauty of our state. We must work together to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, … Read more
  • A Conversation with a Boulder City Council Candidate
    Lauren Folkerts, AIA, is one of us. She’s an AIA Colorado member, an architect, and a passionate Coloradan. There’s one big difference, however. She’s running for Boulder City Council. Folkerts’ campaign is motivated by the city’s affordable housing crisis. “What we say we want as a community is not aligning with the policies that Boulder … Read more
  • Meet the 2020 Outstanding New Legislator
    How are you making a positive difference in the built environment in Colorado? I’m really proud of the work we have been able to accomplish by teaming up with great groups like AIA Colorado to make a difference here in Colorado. I’ve been fortunate during my three sessions in the Colorado legislature to pass legislation … Read more
  • Meet the 2021 Outstanding New Legislator
    What inspired you to seek office and how will the office allow you to make a positive difference in the built environment in Colorado? I want to make the world a better place! My dad was an engineer, and he instilled in me the values of honesty, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. My mother … Read more
  • 2021 Legislative Session Summary
    Another legislative session has come to a close. This was an exciting year for AIA Colorado’s advocacy efforts with the passage of HB21-1147: Simplify Architects Continuing Education Requirement. Read on for highlights from the 2021 session, then join members of our Government Affairs Committee at noon on June 30 for a deeper dive on these … Read more
  • Becoming a Citizen Architect: Through the Member's Lens of Testifying to the Colorado State Legislature 
    Last month, six Colorado architects testified to the Colorado House Business Affairs and Labor Committee. They spoke in support of House Bill 21-1147: Simplifying Architects Continuing Education Requirement to eliminate the unnecessary continuing education provision requiring proof of retention documentation. Colorado has been the only state with this provision in its architects’ practice act and … Read more
  • Civic Activism and the Greater Good
  • AIA Colorado’s Bill to Streamline Continuing Education Moves to House Vote
    Newly proposed legislation aims to ease continuing education reporting requirements for Colorado architects. Architects who have completed their Colorado continuing education requirements will be familiar with the state’s rules regarding documentation. Specific language in the Architects Section of the Practice Act directs the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) to adopt rules establishing regulations for … Read more
  • Architects as Advocates: Get Involved
    Advocacy is often seen as something that other people do. It’s one of those things that we tell ourselves that we should be more active in doing and make deals with ourselves to get more involved “soon,” but like other mental pacts like exercising and eating more vegetables, it’s usually easier to brush it off. … Read more
  • AIA Colorado 2020 Ballot Guide
    Overview Welcome to the AIA Colorado 2020 Ballot Guide, providing a brief overview of the entire statewide ballot with a more detailed look at everything of particular relevance to the architecture profession in the following categories: Federal Elections Colorado Legislature Elections Colorado Ballot Measures An important reminder: Mailed ballots will start arriving the week of … Read more
  • How to Research a Candidate
    Have you been wondering who is running in our local elections? Where does each candidate stand on the issues? And what are some trusted sources to get educated on candidates and issues? We’re here to help you sift through the daunting Google search results. During our process, James Coleman will be referenced as an example—not as an endorsement, but … Read more
  • Tips for finding the right civic engagement opportunity
    Architects engage with our communities every day through the work we do. Clients, contractors, building occupants, local governments, and neighborhood residents are just some of the some of the groups we interact with, educate, and inform. These skills that we bring to all our projects also create opportunities to be leaders in our communities beyond … Read more
  • 2018 Legislative Session Report
    Since January, we have been hard at work advocating on behalf of architects at the State Capitol. Now that the 2018 legislative session has ended, we’ve pulled together a summary of the decisions that could impact you as an architect. Bill topics are organized by the categories used in our Directory of Public Policies and … Read more
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